July 4, 2015

Yelm pauses to celebrate America’s Independence Day

iStockphoto.com/Jim Jurica

HAPPY 4th of JULY !

First published here on July 4, 2006:

“In the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Congress approved the wording of the Declaration on July 4 and then sent it to the printer.

In 1776, John Adams declared, “The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forevermore.”[3]
[3] Letter to Abigail Adams,” quoting Wikipedia.

The Declaration of Independence
From The Boston Globe, July 4, 2008.

– “Flashback: Lady Liberty Celebrates a Milestone Birthday”
“Tom Brokaw reports from the New York harbor in 1986 on the 100th birthday of the Statue of Liberty.”
From NBC News.
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– “Will the United States ever be free again?”
“Exclusive: Patrice Lewis contrasts price of liberty with price of enslavement”
“The Founding Fathers also knew there were certain things that could never be taken away from the people by the government. These were called Rights (with a capital “R”) and came directly from God. They understood – as people don’t understand today – that rights granted by a government can be taken away by a government; but Rights granted by the Creator can never be taken away. They enshrined these Rights in the founding documents and charged the government with the critical task of safeguarding them.

It’s no accident that America became a beacon of hope for immigrants, a powerhouse of industry and the wealthiest nation on earth,” from Patrice Lewis, WMD.com.
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– “Say goodbye to Americas landmarks this Independence Day”
By Chris Trejbal, America’s Blog, in 2014.
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“‘The Spy Spangled Banner’ NSA Can You See National Anthem (Parody)”
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– Seattle covers City of Yelm “mistake” with White Horse Tavern, July 2015
From The Seattle Times.
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July 3, 2015

Yelm garners international attention over city’s “mistake” with Tavern

“White Horse Tavern owner Kyle Phillips is relieved that a sign policy in the City of Yelm
exempting patriotic banners has been clarified and includes his establishment.”
Photo credit: Steve Bloom, McClatchy newspapers, taken June 30, 2015.

Our three area newspapers carried very high-profile and front-page, top of fold headlines on the city’s flap with White Horse Tavern.

– “Tavern’s patriotic banner causes flap in Yelm”
“Red tape has entangled the red, white, and blue Fourth of July banner that decorates the front of a historic Yelm tavern.

When Kyle Phillips, the owner of the White Horse Tavern, got a letter Friday from the city telling him his patriotic banner — a series of triangular stars-and-stripes flags tacked along the outside of the building — was out of compliance with the city’s sign code, he posted his dismay on the business’ Facebook page.

Outrage quickly spread, with more than 1,400 shares and 700-plus comments, and 188,000 views.”

“It was a mistake, said Yelm Mayor Ron Harding. Harding posted a reply to the business’s Facebook page Wednesday, confirming that the White Horse could continue to display the banner without penalty.

Yelm’s sign code exempts the American flag and decorations for holidays and special events, Harding said,” by Jerre Redecker, The Olympian.
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– “Tavern Owner’s Patriotic Banner Can Stay”
“Yelm Mayor Harding Says Letter Asking for Permit Was in Error”
“The city’s letter, dated June 23, states, “This notice is sent to you to request that you bring the banners located at your business into compliance with the Yelm Municipal Code. … Temporary signs, such as banners and flags are only allowed as part of a special event.”

Under the section of the code applying to special events, temporary signs are allowed for 14 days at a time, limited to four times per year, and must be removed at the end of the 14-day period, according to the letter. Temporary signs are also not allowed to be larger than 20 square feet.

Yelm Mayor Ron Harding has since said the letter was a mistake, as the banner falls under an exemption that allows decorations as an expression of national holidays, as well as an exemption for the American flag as a form of expression,” quoting Steven Wyble, Nisqually Valley News.
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– The same story was carried in The Olympian sister newspaper, the Tacoma News Tribune.
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– Seattle covers City of Yelm “mistake” with White Horse Tavern
From The Seattle Times.
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Editor’s Note:
While Mr. Harding acknowledges the city’s letter was sent in error, the fact that Yelm sent notices about alleged city code violations to 20 businesses the same week the mayor sent a survey polling businesses on their views of city hall, are totally at odds with each other. This “mistake” demonstrates what others have said previously, Yelm IS “business unfriendly.”
Had Tavern owner Phillips not taken this issue to social media, resolution would not have been this quick, for sure. BRAVO to him for having done so.

Mayor Harding also omitted how the city staff will be trained in using common sense for these situations in the future.
Yelm Building Inspector John Rowland’s letters were sent on an order from one of his bosses at City Hall – either Mayor Harding, City Administrator Shelly Badger or Community Development Director Grant Beck. Harding said, “These letters were prompted by complaints from residents and businesses that violations were not being fully enforced,” so the Tavern letter came from the top.
Sending this letter by “mistake” on the eve of Prairie Days and at the same time as a Mayor’s Businesses Survey seems to me suggests a management issue at City Hall.

July 3, 2015

Yelm internationally recognized on JZ Knight interview

Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory conducted a dynamic 2 hour interview with JZ Knight on Wednesday, July 1. This international listening audience was also introduced to RSE in Yelm, WA.
Click here to listen to the show archive (registration fee required).

In the latter half, founder and President of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight, will talk about the recent renewed interest in UFOs, the history high level governments have had with UFOs and ETs as well as insights from Ramtha, an entity who lived as a human being 35,000 years ago on the ancient continent of Lemuria.

“Ramtha describes something he calls “The Great Intimidation,” in which UFOs will appear in the sky, simultaneously around the world from horizon to horizon. This will be instrumental in changing the structure of our societies and possibly halt a war in the Middle East, Knight suggested. She shared Ramtha’s interpretation of the odd trumpet sounds people have been hearing around the world– the cause is the sound made by cloaking devices on huge spaceships when they materialize or disappear. Ramtha also issued a prophecy that he would make a crop circle appear. According to Knight, such a formation occurred in Wiltshire, England in July 2011, featuring a pipe smoking alien and headdress with seven levels of consciousness (see Show Page graphic).
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The program was also simultaneously carried live and streamed on KIRO 97.3 FM radio in Seattle.

July 2, 2015

Record high temperature today for any July 2

The high temperature for Thursday, July 2 recorded officially at Olympia Regional Airport was 96 degrees, breaking the former record of 93 degrees set on this date in 1968.
This marks two record high temperatures in the last week, the other one on June 27.
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July 2, 2015

“Leave fireworks to the pros this year, county sheriff’s office urges”

“Leave fireworks to the pros this year, county sheriff’s office urges”
“Local law enforcement agencies and fire departments are gearing up for a hot, dry Fourth of July this year. Thurston County has already put a burn ban into effect, and the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to leave fireworks to the pros. And as in other years, deputies are already preparing to respond to dozens of fireworks-related calls during the holiday weekend.

““We certainly understand that the potential for injury or property damage exists any time fireworks are discharged,”Lt. Cliff Ziesemer said. “But we’re going to have to focus our limited resources on the situations where there is an immediate threat to lives and property.'”

Fireworks may only be discharged in unincorporated Thurston County from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on July 3 and 4,” quoting Amelia Dickson, The Olympian.
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– Public fireworks displays in Washington state”
Read more from KING-5 TV News, Seattle.

– “Watch how quickly fireworks can start a fire”
From KING-5 TV News, Seattle.
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July 2, 2015

Record heat to remain intact in Yelm through next week –
Check-out the “Heat checklist”

“The upper-atmospheric setup for the Northwest heat wave this week.”
Photo credit: Weather Channel.com

– “Summer heat safety checklist for you (and your pets)”
“Here’s a list of pointers to help everyone stay safe as the thermometer rises.”

“Your health:

Water, water, water. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Even if you’re in shade or even indoors, the heat can dehydrate you quickly. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty,” by Emi Komiya, 12News.com, on KING5-TV News in Seattle.
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– “Heat advisory in effect through Thursday evening”
“The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a heat advisory until 9 p.m. Thursday for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro areas and the lowlands east of Puget Sound.

High temperatures will be in the upper 80s and lower 90s, with low temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s.

The EPA says the UV index for Thursday will be very high – a 9 on a scale from 0-11 – during the noon hour from Thursday through Sunday.

That means it will take just 15 minutes to suffer skin damage<' quoting KING-5 TV News, Seattle.
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– “Western Heat Wave Enters Second Chapter; More Record Highs Through Holiday Weekend (FORECAST)”
“While it may not be quite as hot as this past weekend in some areas, there appears to be no end in sight to this torrid heat wave in the West.

June and even a few all-time record highs have already been shattered in parts of the interior Northwest, northern Rockies and Great Basin. The extreme heat is likely to last into next week and may end up breaking records for longevity as well.”

“The culprit in this hot setup is a dome of high pressure aloft, surging northwestward to encompass a large area of the western states. The center of this high will shift around through the holiday weekend, but overall it will remain a dominant feature.

This will allow the sizzling early-July sun to send temperatures soaring in the Pacific Northwest, northern California, interior Northwest and northern Rockies,” by Jon Erdman and Nick Wiltgen, Weather.com.
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– “Hottest June in Seattle history”
Read more from KING-5 TV News, Seattle.

– Olympia records one of the driest Junes on-record.
The 0.14 inches of rain vs. the monthly average of 1.76 makes this one of the driest Junes on-record.
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– “Low water levels at Alder Lake”
Click here to check-out the photos from KING-5 TV News, Seattle.

– A Yelm “cool down” into the lower 80’s is not expected until the end of next week.
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July 1, 2015

Yelm: Mayor Harding’s statement on White Horse Tavern issue

Statement at 9am today from White Horse Tavern on their Facebook page:
“We want to thank everyone for the enormous support to hang patriotic banners in front of the bar. What started as a simple “vent” after getting the notice from the city of Yelm to not display such banners without applying for the proper permits, snowballed into an amazing nationwide campaign. The post was seen by over 190,000 people worldwide, with over a thousand shares, and hundreds of comments. We are happy to say that this morning Mayor Harding made a final comment to the post that the letter was sent in error. The original post has been hidden because the matter is resolved, and the banners can stay without going through a permit process. Thanks again for your support!”

Letter from Yelm Mayor Ron Harding:

Yelm Mayor Ron Harding’s Letter in response
Photo credit: White Horse Tavern Facebook page

These select posted comments echo many:

– “Well Mayor Ron had an interesting take on the unfolding of events. If an overload of punitivity had not existed in the past the reactivity would not have been so strong. I not referring to this town only. This is an event that has been noted and watched worldwide, accident or not.”

– “Power to the people.”

July 1, 2015

WA Dept of Ecology speaker in Yelm July 6:
Topic: Emergency response to potential oil spills in our region

Oil trains are a big issue in our area, as this Bog continues to report.

– “Nisqually Oil Spill Response Plan – Public Presentation”
“Yelm – On Monday, July 6, 2015, at 6:30 p.m., Harry Chichester, of the Washington State Department of Ecology, will provide a public presentation on the oil spill response plan (Geographic Response Plan) for the Nisqually River region, to be held at 308 Yelm Avenue, Yelm, WA 98597. Mr. Chichester is the Geographic Response Plans Lead for the Washington State Department of Ecology. Geographic Response Plans are intended to identify resources at risk from oil spills and to prioritize strategies to reduce injuries to those resources. The public is encouraged to come learn more about the risk of oil spills in our area and the State’s plans to respond to such a spill, including spills from oil trains.

The 2nd Legislative District Democrats are hosting the oil spill presentation as a non-partisan public forum; all are welcome to attend. The regular monthly meeting of the 2nd Legislative District Democrats will follow the public presentation for anyone who would like to stay and participate. Phyllis Farrell, Chair of the 2nd Legislative District Democrats, noted, “With the increase in oil trains – and spills from those trains – this is an issue that affects all of us, no matter who you vote for. We hope all our neighbors will come learn more about the State’s plans to protect the Nisqually River basin from oil spills.”

The 2nd Legislative District Democrats are the Democratic Party in Washington State’s 2nd Legislative District, which contains both Mt. Rainier and proudly independent voters. The 2nd Legislative District includes parts of south Pierce County and north Thurston County. Communities that are wholly or partly within the 2nd Legislative District include Yelm, Lacey, Roy, Rainier, Graham, Frederickson, Orting, Eatonville, and Carbonado. The 2nd Legislative District is one of Washington State’s 49 Legislative Districts that determine representation in the Washington State Legislature. The 2nd Legislative District Democrats meet on the first Monday of every month; anyone with an interest is welcome to attend.”

July 1, 2015

JZ Knight on Coast to Coast AM tonight live from Yelm –
KIRO 97.3 FM radio broadcasts the show locally

Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory reports JZ Knight will be Noory’s guest on Wednesday, July 1:

Seal Team Six/ UFO Insights
Wednesday – July 1, 2015
Hosted by George Noory
Guest(s): Don Brown, JZ Knight

In the first half of the program, former administrative law attorney at the Pentagon, Don Brown, will discuss the mysterious helicopter crash which killed seventeen members of Navy SEAL Team Six that had killed Osama Bin Laden ninety days earlier. In the latter half, founder and President of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, JZ Knight, will talk about the recent renewed interest in UFOs, the history high level governments have had with UFOs and ETs as well as insights from Ramtha, an entity who lived as a human being 35,000 years ago on the ancient continent of Lemuria.
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– KIRO 97.3 FM radio broadcasts Coast to Coast AM live and live-streams via their website
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June 30, 2015

Yelm mayor addresses White Horse Tavern issue –
Another Yelm business responds to receiving city’s letter

– Mayor Harding responds, posted on their Facebook page at 6pm last night:
“Thank you for contacting me about this issue. I have look (sic) into the details surrounding the letter and the violation. Unfortunately the owner of the White house (sic) tavern has misrepresented the circumstances to his face book (sic) group and the City is paying the price.

The letter was sent out to about twenty businesses for violations to our sign code following several residents who complained about violation (sic). Out of all the violators the WHT was the only one that had patriotic colors. The staff member was not thinking about this as he was addressing a larger group of violators and he missed seductions (sic) 18..62.020 which exempts decorations for holidays as well as states the American flag is not a form of advertisement.

Only the first paragraph was shown on face book (sic) but if you would have been able to read the full letter, it showed each business a way they could comply with our sign code at no cost again remembering we were sending this to twenty different businesses. The letter was written not to enforce but assist any business in meeting the requirements.

The owner of the WHT said on his face book (sic) page the City was forcing him to remove the banner, this was not the case, nor did we tell him he would be fined in anyway.

I think what has happened here was a mistake by my staff including his business as a violator and the owner adding some damaging statements to face book (sic) without all the facts and context.

I did contact the owner on Friday and told him to disregard the letter. I hope you will share this information with your contacts (sic)

The bright spot in this situation is that patriotism is alive and well and we can be thankful that people are still this passionate about our county.”
Ron Harding

– Another Yelm business owner responds to receiving a letter from the City of Yelm:
Cynthia Schmier shared this with the Yelm Community Blog as one of the 20 businesses to receive the city’s letter –
“I submit from Yelm’s ReMax Country that I am one of the 20 businesses that received a Notice of Correction from John Rowland of Yelm’s Community Development Department.
My box-van has been parked on my property for 10 years and is not placed there for additional advertisement or signage, merely for security. I have spent thousands of dollars due to vandalism and theft of gasoline by parking the company’s van in the rear of my building, for which the police are unable to protect.
I have placed a call and left a message for Mayor Ron Harding to contact me to address this letter.”

Cynthia Schmier
Owner/Broker, ReMax Country

Click here for the city’s Notice of Correction.

– From the Yelm Municipal Code:
18.62.030 Prohibited signs.
Prohibited signs are subject to removal by the city at the owner’s or user’s expense, with the exception of a legal nonconforming sign.
The following signs or displays are prohibited:
G. Advertising vehicles, with the exception of the identification of a firm or its principal products on a vehicle operating during normal course of business;”
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Editor’s Note:
Why is the city cracking down now? As examples,
* Bill’s Towing has had their truck parked on their property prominent placed for years, formerly with emergency lights on all night,
* State Farm Insurance parks their bar-b-que truck in front of the Rent-A Center store during the day and in a parking lot on Yelm Ave. at nights and weekends,
* Rent-A Center has their truck parked prominently periodically.