September 19, 2014

"Alaska Airlines begins relief flights in Mexico"

Passengers board one of several Alaska Airlines relief flights from Los Cabos
Photo Courtesy: Alaska Airlines, used with permission

From Seattle's hometown-based Alaska Airlines:
The airport [Los Cabos International Airport] remains closed to commercial air service, but local authorities have authorized outgoing humanitarian relief flights [Alaska Airlines began humanitarian evacuation flights last Wednesday]. Customers waiting at the airport are being boarded on those flights on a first come, first serve basis.

All flights passenger flights to Los Cabos have been canceled. The [inbound] flights to Los Cabos will be loaded with water, food and supplies.

The following flights are planned for Friday:

Flight 201: Los Cabos to San Jose
Flight 233: Los Cabos to San Diego
Flight 235: Los Cabos to San Francisco
Flight 251: Los Cabos to Los Angeles
Flight 279: Los Cabos to Los Angeles.

Read more from the Alaska Airlines Blog.

September 18, 2014

Bald Hills proposed cell tower location deemed too steep

ATT Bald Hills cell tower balloon test
July 16, 2014

From the Bald Hills Free Group:
The Bald Hills Free Group has advised that Cascadia PM (representing AT&T) has decided not to go ahead with the proposed cell tower on Weyerhaeuser parcel #23505000000.

This was confirmed by Linda Doucette, Board President of Clearwood Community and Noah Grodzin of Cascadia PM (representing AT&T).

The topography of the land (too steep) has been cited as reason for stopping the project. So far, no application permit has been submitted . However, we remain vigilant of any changes in this process. If you would like to understand better where this decision might come from visit our website:
Click here.

We want to thank you all for your participation (donations, signatures, ideas, media exposure). We will keep on working to educate the public about the possible side effects this proliferation of cell towers can have on the environment and what this means for animals and humans alike.

Yelm Food Co-op's: "Third Thursday Tastings!"

From the Yelm Food Co-op:
Third Thursday Tastings!
"Ten bucks gets you five!

It's a fun and festive kick off to the Fall tasting class season.
'I've got five great wines to share with you. Come on out and taste something new!'

No pre-registration necessary.
$10 per person.
Pay at the register before you come back to the shop.
Present your receipt for tasting.
Thursday September 18. 4-7 p.m.
Store closes at 7! don't wait for the last minute."
Read more

Sound Community Farm Land Trust Dinner -
This Saturday supporting farmland preservation

Courtesy: South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust

From South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust:
"Join the South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust for local mountain music with the Pine Hearts, libations from Whitewood Cider Co., 3 Magnets Brewery and Stottle Winery, and a silent auction filled with food and farm related items that will support farmland preservation!"

Saturday, September 20th
4:30 PM
Thurston County Fairgrounds Expo Center

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September 17, 2014

JZ Knight interviewed by Whitley Strieber Friday -
RSE announces 2014 Yelm Capstone Event

- JZ Knight's interview with Whitley Strieber to be posted Friday
Click here

- Ramtha School Presents Capstone Event in Yelm Oct. 20-26
"Final Ramtha event for 2014 can be experienced in person in Yelm, Washington and available live online via streaming."
From PRWeb September 16, 2014
Read more

- Ramtha School of Enlightenment featured in two NVN stories
Click here

September 16, 2014

Fly Alaska Air, get 10% off to 'Hawk away games

"Come show your support for Seattle’s starting quarterback.
Wear your official Russell Wilson jersey at the gate and
you’ll receive priority boarding at the Seattle/Tacoma airport.
Courtesy: Alaska Airlines

From hometown airline, Alaska Airlines:
Follow Russell on the Road

Come fly with Alaska and bring your 12th fan mojo to Russell Wilson's away games. We're offering 10% off** to all football fans who want to support our CFO -- Chief Football Officer -- while he's on the road.

Follow Russell on the Road – 10% Off Away Games

Come fly with Alaska and bring the Seattle intensity to Russell Wilson's away games. We’re offering 10% off to all football fans who want to support our quarterback while he’s on the road:

Dates Game Time City
Sep 14 1:05PM PT San Diego
Oct 06 5:30PM PT Washington D.C.
Oct 19 10:00AM PT St. Louis
Nov 16 10:00AM PT Kansas City
Dec 07 1:25PM PT Philadelphia
Read more

Canadians warned about traveling to US with cash

"Canadian Government Warns Citizens To Not Carry Large Amounts Of Cash Into The US Due To Cash-hungry Cops"

"On its official website, the Canadian government informs its citizens that 'there is no limit to the amount of money that you may legally take into or out of the United States.' Nonetheless, it adds, banking in the U.S. can be difficult for non-residents, so Canadians shouldn’t carry large amounts of cash.

That last bit is excellent advice, but for an entirely different reason than the one Ottawa cites.

There’s a shakedown going on in the U.S., and the perps are in uniform.

Across America, law enforcement officers — from federal agents to state troopers right down to sheriffs in one-street backwaters — are operating a vast, co-ordinated scheme to grab as much of the public’s cash as they can; 'hand over fist,' to use the words of one police trainer," quoting Neil Macdonald, CBC News.
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September 15, 2014

2015 Thurston County budget presented Tuesday

"Thurston Co. commissioners to talk budget"

"The preliminary Thurston County budget for 2015 will be presented to county commissioners and the public at the regular weekly commission meeting tomorrow [Tuesday, 2pm] at the County Courthouse."

"Commission Vice Chair Sandra Romero noted that the 2015 budget process has significant challenges that demand a very strategic approach to decision making," quoting the Business Examiner.
Read more

County Planning Commission Meeting Wed.

"The Thurston County Planning Commission will hold its regular meeting on Wednesday, September 17th at 6:30 p.m.

During the meeting, staff will give an update on the Science to Local Policy program, which incorporates watershed science into local policies to protect water quality in Puget Sound.

There will also be a presentation by Sue Davis from Thurston County's Environmental Health program. She will share the county's recent work to assess septic systems in the northern Urban Growth Areas. This assessment provides background information for watershed planning and other long-range planning projects.

Planning Commission meetings are held in Building 1, Room 152, 2000 Lakeridge Drive S.W. in Olympia. All meetings of the Planning Commission are open to the public," form Thurston County Planning.
Read more

Thurston County Comprehensive Plan Amendments -
Public Notice

"The preliminary docket of comprehensive plan amendments for 2014-2015 is now available for public review. The preliminary docket is a list of proposed changes to the Thurston County Comprehensive Plan. For detailed information on each of the items up for consideration, please scroll down to 'How the Docket is Organized.'

You are invited to send written comments as to which proposals should be considered."

"Written comments must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday October 2, 2014," from Thurston County Planning.
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