July 10, 2012


"Going out to dinner? Home burglars are waiting for you"
Roberta Romero of KING-5 TV News in Seattle reports:
"Police are seeing an increase in home burglaries, sparked by thieves breaking into cars at theaters and restaurants and getting the owner’s address off the registration."

"'I never thought about thieves getting my address from my car registration in my glove box,' said Michelle Arkins. 'I'm going to find another place for it.'

Lt. Yourkoski believes the thieves work in groups. Until police have more leads to go on, they advise you to make sure any identifiable papers left in your car, including registration, be put in a safer place other than the glove compartment."
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The Thurston County Sheriff released this information:
"Thieves Distracting Homeowners"
"The Thurston County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about thieves who have been distracting homeowners while their accomplices take items from the house.

Recently the Sheriff’s Office investigated an incident where an organized group of thieves selected a home and distracted the home owner by claiming to be looking for a stray dog. One of the accomplices asked to use the bathroom and the home owner allowed it. The other thief kept the home owner engaged in conversation while the thief who was allowed to use the bathroom stole several items, including checks."

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