July 21, 2017

Washington’s distracted driving law effective July 23.
What you need to know!

– Here is what you need to know, from AAA Washington:
• Washington’s new Distracted Driving law bans the use of any hand-held personal electronic device while driving – even if you are stopped at a signal or stuck in traffic.
• Reporting an emergency and “minimal use,” such as pushing a button to activate a mapping application, are still allowed.
• Violators will be fined $136 for a first offense and the fine doubles for subsequent offenses.
• Distracted driving violations are now reportable to insurance companies.
• The new law classifies other dangerous distractions, such as engaging with passengers or grooming, as secondary offenses.

– “Washington’s new distracted driving law goes into effect July 23. Here’s what not to do.”
“Washington’s new, tougher distracted driving law — the one that bans holding a cellphone while driving, even when stopped at a red light — goes into effect July 23.

The law bans the use of handheld devices while driving and includes cellphones, tablets, laptops and video games. That means no texting, checking social media, watching videos, using the camera or talking with the device in hand, including while stopped in traffic.

The reason for the law? Distraction-related crashes and fatalities are on the rise in Washington, according to the NW Insurance Council. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission reports one in four crashes involves cellphone use just before the crash,” by Abby Spegman, The Olympian.
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– “New distracted driving law coming Sunday”
“Under the law, called “Driving Under the Influence of Electronics,” drivers cannot hold cell phones while driving.

Even checking your texts during a stop at light becomes illegal under the new law.

It’s a move Governor Jay Inslee said will save lives.

‘Put the cell phones down. Preserve life,’ said Inslee, D-Washington, during an event on the state Capitol steps previewing the enactment of the new law.

Drivers can only use their phones to call 911 or by using one finger to trigger a voice-activated application.

A first offense is $136, a second offense within five years jumps to $234.

Under the new law, those citations are reported to insurance companies,” by Drew Mikkelsen, KING-5 TV News, Seattle.
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July 20, 2017

Thurston County sheriff investigating alleged rape in Clearwood

– “Thurston County sheriff’s detectives investigating alleged rape in Yelm”
” The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday it is investigating an alleged rape in the Clearwood community of Yelm.

A woman reported that on early Wednesday, she wandered away from a group of friends who were hanging out in the area of Sunset Beach and began walking down a nearby trail, when she was raped by an unknown male.

The suspect was described as a white man, about 40 years old, 6-foot-3 and weighing about 250 pounds. He was reported to be clean shaven with dark eyes,” from KCPQ-13 Fox, Seattle.
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Click here for the Thurston County Sheriff’s News Release on Facebook.

July 20, 2017

“Prepare to be on your own in a major Pacific Northwest disaster”
Trump Admin., Thurston County & Yelm not prepared to care for you and your family!

Photo credit: KING 5-TV News, Seattle

– Story Highlights
* Yelm-based Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) taught preparedness for 30+ years,
* 30 years ago, Ramtha was accused of causing undue panic, now this message resonates.
* KING 5 is helping you and your family get ready with all day coverage on Monday, July 24

– “Prepare to be on your own in a major Pacific Northwest disaster”
“Local disaster relief may not be ready for mass response to a major event. Here’s how you can watch out for you.”

“Are you ready to be on your own for days if not weeks in a major natural disaster? Experts say it’s not a matter of if but when. KING 5 is helping you and your family get ready with all day coverage on Monday, July 24.

You’re on your own.

If a 9.0 earthquake or a tsunami wipes out homes, roads, bridges, communication, and other infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest, keep that thought in mind. You have to assume no one is coming to help you, and you may not be able to get anywhere to find help, at least for a few days.

It’s not because responders don’t want to help. It’s because, as disaster preparation experts agree, they aren’t ready to jump with a region-wide response when something that big happens.

It’s a sobering thought, and that’s why you need to be ready — now — to be on your own,” by Travis Pittman, KING 5 TV News, Seattle.
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July 19, 2017

Citizens for Yelm Schools Newsletter with School Bond info

– From Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools (CSYS)
“Welcome to the first edition of the 2018 school bond initiative.”
“This newsletter serves to keep our community informed of the Citizens for Support of Yelm Schools’ (CSYS) action plan as we work toward passage of a new bond proposal in February 2018.”

Q: Why are we running a bond again?
A: Although the last two bond measures have not produced the necessary “ YES ” votes needed to pass, school population over-crowding and high classroom student-to-teacher ratios remain a concern. Starting this September, schools will experience a different grades configuration, attempting to ease the population strain (moving from K-6 configuration to a new K-5 elementary; 6-8 middle school; and 9-
12 high school). These measures were set in place by the district with school board approval. In the long-term, it will not be enough to curtail Yelm’s growth.
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July 19, 2017

USA’s ‘Big Brother’ returns our nation’s policies back to the Dark Ages!
Atty. Gen. “Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens”
Yelm couple was in 2014 national news for our government’s asset seizure

“US Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks during a press conference
at the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC, on July 13, 2017.”
Photo credit: © Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Story Highlights
* Trump’s Atty. Gen. Sessions wants to federally ramp-up citizens asset seizures,
* “Draining The Swamp” now means going after Trump’s own supporters.
* Yelm was internationally in the news for unlawful asset seizure of residents,
* Feds seized assets of then unconvicted foreign national Yelm couple extradited by Romania.

– “Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens”
“Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday [July 17] said he’d be issuing a new directive this week aimed at increasing police seizures of cash and property.”

“Asset forfeiture is a disputed practice that allows law enforcement officials to permanently take money and goods from individuals suspected of crime. There is little disagreement among lawmakers, authorities and criminal justice reformers that “no criminal should be allowed to keep the proceeds of their crime.” But in many cases, neither a criminal conviction nor even a criminal charge is necessary — under forfeiture laws in most states and at the federal level, mere suspicion of wrongdoing is enough to allow police to seize items permanently.

Additionally, many states allow law enforcement officers to keep cash that they seize, creating what critics characterize as a profit motive. The practice is widespread: in 2014, federal law enforcement officers took more property from citizens than burglars did. State and local authorities seized untold millions more,” by Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post.
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– Editor’s note:
The Nisqually Valley News then highlighted the 2014 alleged illegal asset forfeiture case of a Yelm couple. The Romania government only issued an extradition order, yet our own federal government seized these folks assets to ingratiate themselves. How would you like this situation if done to you from Attorney General Jeff Sessions new directive aimed at increasing police seizures of Americans’ cash and property?
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– UPDATE: July 19, 2017, 7PM
“Jeff Sessions Removes Restrictions on Controversial Police Seizures”
“Attorney General Jeff Sessions just made it easier for police to seize cash and property from people suspected ─ but not necessarily charged with or convicted ─ of crimes.

He did it by eliminating an Obama administration directive that prevented local law enforcement from circumventing state restrictions on forfeiture of civil assets. The technique was embraced in the early years of the war on drugs, but it has since been linked to civil rights abuses: people losing cash, cars and homes without any proven link to illegal activity; police taking cash in exchange for not locking suspects up; a legal system that makes it hard for victims to get their possessions back,” by Jon Schuppe, NBC News.
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– UPDATE: July 21, 2017
“Another viewpoint: Asset forfeiture rule changes leave problems”

“In an unfortunate turn, the U.S. Department of Justice has decided to lighten up on rules restricting law enforcement’s use of asset forfeiture.

Although Attorney General Jeff Sessions will include some helpful modifications to the stricter new policy, the net result is still a setback for Americans – not only the criminals that federal prosecutors and cops want to keep off the streets.

Not only is asset forfeiture inherently ripe for abuse that can be too consuming to monitor and too painful for those targeted to reverse. The purpose of the abuse is often more to line pockets than it is to take away ill-gotten gains,” by the Orange County Register.
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July 18, 2017

Wal-Mart’s 10th anniversary opening in Yelm is today –
Yelm’s 2006 Council then violated city policy by granting Wal-Mart’s permit
Harding and his complicit Council ignored city’s own traffic mitigation plan

– Story Highlights:
* This story has been covered on this blog since 2007,
* Wal-Mart’s 10th anniversary opening in Yelm is today,
* Harding/Council ignored Professional Engineer & public testimony, approved Wal-Mart,
* Yelm’s Traffic Mitigation Plan for Wal-Mart required the bypass to be completed by 2013,
* Yet the bypass was unfunded in Gov. Gregoire’s budget until the 2021-2023 biennium,
* Harding knew he would have no public accountability blow-back,
* To this day, there is still no Bypass to mitigate Wal-Mart’s traffic.
* Yelm lost a QFC grocery store and other small businesses after Wal-Mart opened,
* All of the empty store-fronts here reflect what adding a Wal-Mart does to a community,
* With retail on the downward spiral, will Wal-Mart eventually close their Yelm store?
* City leaders need to be prepared for that eventuality!

– Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Yelm Wal-Mart opening!
How did that store get built here when the issuance of a building permit violated city policy?
The City of Yelm Community Development Dept. recommended back in 2005 & 2006 that the Yelm City Council approve the permit for a Wal-Mart to be constructed in Yelm. There were public hearings and several groups, including “Protect Yelm,” that raised many issues about this store being built here.

– Traffic mitigation was a key concern then:
How would the projected 750+ vehicles a day be handled on Yelm streets?
The City of Yelm’s own Transportation Mitigation Plan for Wal-Mart construction being approved REQUIRED that traffic would be handled via a completed Yelm Bypass WITHIN 6 YEARS!
[If there was no Bypass, required was evidence of funding to build a Bypass to be operational within 6 years of Wal-Mart’s opening, for which there was none!]
Many of the citizens KNEW there would be no funding for a Bypass by 2013 and protested the approval to the Yelm City Council and the city’s Hearings Examiner on these grounds. Yelm officials would not listen nor agree. The city silenced at every turn any public dissent on Wal-Mart being built.

At the time, the City of Yelm had just received the egregious 2006 Jefferson Muzzle Award for their “moratorium on moratoriums” about the public not being permitted to mention Big-Box stores at open-to-the-public comment period in City Council sessions.

So, here we are in 2017, ten years after the Wal-Mart opening and there is still no Bypass to mitigate their traffic and won’t be for at least another 5 years, just as the public predicted and was well-known back in 2007.

Further, the city did not follow their own rules for land use approval plus an MDNS by requiring a connector to 103rd to be constructed by November 22, 2008 to handle Wal-Mart’s traffic. The connector was not constructed until a year later, in 2009:
“When the city approved the construction of Wal-Mart, the superstore was required [by the city] to build the connector.”

“One of the stipulations was that the connector had to be built 18 months after right-of-way was purchased, Beck said [City Community Development Director Grant Beck].”

“Right-of-way acquisition was completed in July 2007.”

“The permit process to allow Wal-Mart to start construction on the connector was completed in December 2008.”

“Once the Yelm Bypass is constructed, the connector will be ripped out and replaced to become part of the bypass,” quoting the Nisqually Valley News (NVN), September 18, 2009.

Bottom Line:
The leadership of then Mayor Harding and his complicit city councilors disregarded the city’s own policies and procedures to approve a Wal-Mart in Yelm. Though this is not unlike other uninformed/uneducated small-town leaders across America who salivate on the potential of a Wal-Mart’s sales-tax revenue, with blinders on in not seeing the bigger picture of how a Wal-mart entry destroys a small-town, well-documented in new reports. This city was warned by a then very vocal and organized “Protect Yelm” group led by Gregory May, his group then covered extensively by the Nisqually Valley News.

Click here for the Yelm Community Blog entry on Wal-Mart’s Yelm opening 10 years ago today!

July 17, 2017

Yelm Public Works infrastructure reaching critical point –
Millions of dollars needed for water/sewer upgrades

Previous councils sent upgrades and expansion down the drain, resulting in serious issues.
City of Yelm leadership needs to come clean with property owners,
as Public Works Dept. has reached a crisis with no funding source as yet.

Story Highlights
* Yelm Public Works infrastructure reaching critical point.
* Public Works & city notices of breakdowns becoming more frequent,
* Harding, his complicit councils did little Public Works upgrades to handle their growth,
* Band-aid fixes are putting-off an inevitable multi-million dollar breakdown,
* Deferred maintenance/upgrades have “kicked the can down the road” too far,
* Lack of action in detailing this problem to the public is irresponsible,
* Former Public Works Director Ryan Johnstone raised the red-flag,
* Current Public Works Director Chad Bedlington has also told staff and councilors,
* Upcoming election requires candidates to raise this as city’s NUMBER ONE issue.
* If residents awake one morning to no water, no sewer, what will the city do then?
* Costs: $2 million needed immediately, $17 million estimated for upgrades.
* This city can not grow properly without a sufficiently operating Public Works Dept.
* Yelm citizens need to be brought into this conversation immediately.
* Some city leaders don’t want me saying this, however this city has reached a crisis!

– From the City of Yelm Government Facebook post, July 13, 7:33pm:
“Our Water Reclamation Facility is not processing waste properly and we are experiencing higher than normal levels of ammonia, which inhibits our ability to generate Reclaimed Water for irrigation purposes. We’ve been hauling potable water by truck to Longmire Park in an attempt to preserve the ball fields, but we are losing ground with this effort and it comes at a steep expense to the Utility to haul 45,000 to 50,000 gallons of water a day to the park (there isn’t adequate potable water supply at the Park to support irrigation needs). In light of the uncertainty to resolving this irrigation problem, we’ve stopped hauling water to the Longmire ball fields and are allowing the grasses to go dormant. The inability to deliver irrigation water is also impacting a few other City Parks and some right-of-way landscape areas. We are working with the Dept. of Ecology to fix the problem. The challenge is we are working against years of deferred maintenance and outdated software, as previously shared with you on our post on April 5. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will do whatever we can to come to a swift resolution of this problem. We wanted to keep you informed about why the grass is browning in some areas. We’ve also developed a fact-sheet to share some of the challenges and solutions we are working toward at our Wastewater Reclamation Facility so you stay informed: www.yelmwa.gov/uploads/library/reports/WWTP1.pdf
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– The Nisqually Valley News (NVN) covered part of this story last April:
“Yelm Seeks Funding for Water Reclamation”
“Multiphase $17M Project Will Expand and Update Plant”
By former NVN reporter Graham Perednia.
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July 16, 2017

Deathbed confession of CIA Agent: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11′
Edward Snowden’s previous quote pertinent on this as well

Retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard
Photo credit: Your Newswire

– UPDATE: July 17, 2017
A reader sent me an Urban Legends (Snopes) report [Truth or Fiction report here] describing this story as fake news. I know that The Cabal will do all they can to discredit any revelation that they pulled off a 9/11 inside job. However Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has covered the collapse of Building 7 extensively and their team posted compelling facts and evidence that corroborate the story below, fake news or not. The term “fake news” is also used as the current verbiage du jour to discredit anything the cabal-owned mainstream media does not want told. You, the reader, can discern for yourselves.

* As has been the case previously, agents desire to clear their conscience before dying,
* These confessions are not to be carried by the main-stream, Cabal-controlled media.
* Today in America, exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime,
so deathbed confessions are the vehicle of choice to expose the truth.
* Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth was covered here previously with this theory.

– “CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’”
“79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7, the third building that was destroyed on 9/11.

Mr. Howard, who worked for the CIA for 36 years as an operative, claims he was tapped by senior CIA agents to work on the project due to his engineering background, and early career in the demolition business.”

“The 79-year-old New Jersey native says he worked on the CIA operation they dubbed “New Century” between May 1997 and September 2001, during a time he says the CIA “was still taking orders from the top.” Mr. Howard says he was part of a cell of 4 operatives tasked with ensuring the demolition was successful,” by Baxter Dmitry, Your Newswire.
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Quote by Edward Snowden
Photo credit: PBS

July 16, 2017

Son of Reptile Man at Yelm Library, July 19, 11AM
All ages welcome!

Yelm’s Timberland Regional Library, 2nd floor
Photo credit: Yelm Community Blog

* Son of Reptile Man July 19th at the Yelm Timberland Library.
* Wednesday, July 19, 11-11:45am.
* All ages welcome.
* Click here for more information

– From the Yelm Timberland Library
“See reptiles from around the world with Isaac Petersen. You will meet turtles, an iguana, an alligator and a bunch of snakes, and learn about their importance to the balance of nature. Some animals will be available for petting after the performance. This event is part of Summer Reading, a Timberland Regional Library district-wide program and is co-sponsored by the Friends of the Yelm Library.”
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July 15, 2017

YHS coaches’ summer camp behavior puts YCS in cross-hairs
Yelm leaders continue to show lapses in “appearances of conflicts of interest”
Overshadows good new about YCS feeding students during summer

Yelm High School
Photo credit: KING 5 TV, Seattle

* Why are Yelm’s leaders continuing to be in ethics violations cross-hairs?
* Former Mayor Harding was covered by this blog and the NVN for appearances of conflicts of interest.
* State Auditor’s office told Harding avoidance of all appearances of conflicts of interest is required in a public leadership position.
* YHS coaches’ accused summer camp behavior have unnecessarily put the YCS leadership in the hot-seat with alcohol being consumed by coaches in supervisory role of children.
* Perhaps an ethics class is required for city officials and coaches to understand why these are issues?
* Overshadows good news about YCS feeding students during summer.

– “Yelm HS coaches accused of drinking, swearing at students during camp”
“Whether they’re volunteering or paid, Yelm School District employees will no longer be allowed to drink alcohol while acting as camp supervisors.

Yelm Community Schools [YCS] Superintendent Brian Wharton said the district is investigating claims that assistant coaches drank beer while they were off-duty during a football camp at George Fox University in Oregon in June.

Wharton said since the coaches were volunteering to attend the camp, they technically were not in violation of the district’s alcohol use policy.

He said that policy will likely be changing to prohibit any alcohol use at any event with anyone affiliated with the school district.”

“The superintendent said reports that the assistant coaches, as well as the players, were swearing at the camp is unacceptable,” by Drew Mikkelsen, South Bureau Chief for KING-5 TV, Seattle.
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– “Schools, Community Team Up to Feed Students During Summer”
By Brian Wharton, Yelm Community Schools Superintendent.
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