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* Yelm’s Winter Wonderland Market in the Park Dec. 11,
* Thurston’s home sales buck region’s trend rising 15%,
* Jan. 6 committee vows contempt if Mark Meadows fails to appear today!

“This Saturday, the traditional Christmas in the Park event (10am-3pm) will run together with the Chamber’s Winter Market (11am-7pm) at the Yelm Community Center, featuring food and drink vendors, gifts and potentially a visit from one or more beloved holiday characters. All proceeds from gift wrapping will go to Yelm’s Business Economic Recovery Task Force, which provides grants for businesses affected by COVID-19.” Credit: Thurston Talk


+ KING-5 TV: Vaccine mandate for federal contractors blocked nationwide by judge

+ The Olympian: Thurston County housing market bucks regional trend again as home sales rise 15 percent

+ JOLT News: Thurston health officer comments on first case of the omicron variant here


CNBC: Anti-Trump group led by Bill Kristol hires lobbyists to push presidential power reform

NBC News: Man suspected of being linked to Jamal Khashoggi’s killing arrested in France

Daily Kos: Biden admin was warned internally about Haitian deportations. Thousands have been deported anyway

NBC News: Biden administration to restart Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy [Ed. note: This is not what the public was led to believe from Biden during the campaign.]

Daily Kos: Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY): ‘not everyone in Kentucky is an insensitive asshole.’


KING-5 TV: Attorney says Mark Meadows won’t cooperate with Jan. 6 panel after all [Ed. note: Is that a surprise?]

FOX News: Jan. 6 committee vows contempt proceedings if Mark Meadows fails to appear Dec. 8

CNN: July trial set for Steve Bannon in Jan. 6 Capitol riot contempt of Congress case

MSNBC: All In Ex-D.C. guard: Michael Flynn’s brother lied to Congress about Jan. 6

MSNBC: Why one of Trump’s most damaging legacies is somehow getting worse

Daily Kos: Prosecutors say one day is all they need to try Bannon’s contempt case

The Wrap: Donald Trump Mocked After Accidentally Admitting Only ‘Stupid’ and ‘Corrupt’ People Believe in Massive 2020 Election Fraud

MSN: This conservative Republican just told an uncomfortable truth about the Trump wing in Congress

ABC News: Roger Stone to take the Fifth Amendment in House Jan. 6 Committee questioning

MSN: Mark Meadows said Trump’s reply to finding out his positive COVID-19 test rhymed with ‘Oh spit, you’ve gotta be trucking lidding me’: book

* The Atlantic: “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun,”
* Justice Department sues Texas over GOP-drawn voting maps,
* Devin Nunes leaving Congress to head Trump social media venture!

80 years ago today was the “day that will live in infamy”
The front page of The Minot Daily News (MDN) announcing the attack on Pearl Harbor 80 years ago. There was no newspaper published on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941, so the first stories about the attack were in the Dec. 8, 1941, edition.” Credit: Eloise Ogden/MDN


+ Daily Kos: Washington court accepts redistricting board’s new maps, even though they came late

+ KING-5 TV: Meteorologists attribute the recent strange weather to a stuck jet stream and the effects of a La Nina weather pattern.

+ JOLT News: It’s time for the Port to revive its planning process for the New Market Industrial Campus by former Port Commission candidate Helen Wheatley.

+ South Sound Business: Report: Job Postings on Rise in Washington State


NBC News: Justice Department sues Texas over GOP-drawn voting maps

CNBC: Omicron is prompting new rules for international travel to the U.S. Here’s what you need to know

Daily Kos: Former D.C. National Guard official accuses Army general of ‘outright perjury’ over Jan. 6

CNBC: Biden set to warn Putin of ‘substantial’ economic punishment if Russia attacks Ukraine

Truthout: Biden Administration Is Approving Oil and Gas Drilling at Faster Rate Than Trump


The Washington Post: As covid persists, nurses are leaving staff jobs — and tripling their salaries as travelers – agreeing to help short-staffed hospitals around the country

Common Dreams: Continuing Vaccine Apartheid Could Herald “Wave After Wave of Variants” – unless rich countries stop blocking a proposed patent waiver for coronavirus vaccines


The Atlantic’s Bart Gellman: Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun [Ed. note: America has been warned!]

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg: A Party, and Nation, in Crisis

MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Trump says a bit too much about James Comey’s FBI firing (again) – Donald Trump seemed to volunteer to Fox News that the FBI was on his trail, so he fired the FBI director in order to save his own skin. [Ed. note: The January 6th Committee should be interested in Trump admitting to Obstruction of Justice!]

The Washington Post: Sidney Powell group raised more than $14 million spreading election falsehoods – “It can bring in cash. Business is good and accountability is low.”

CNBC: Trump SPAC under investigation by federal regulators, including SEC [Ed. note: Surprising no one!]

Reuters: California’s Devin Nunes Leaving Congress to Head Trump Social Media Venture [Ed. note: The same social media venture under investigation by federal regulators noted just above!]

Daily Kos: It’s just a question of class: see how differently Obama and Trump treated Bob and Elizabeth Dole

The Hill: Trump came in contact with 500 people between first positive test and hospitalization: report

CNN Exclusive: Top Pence aide cooperating with January 6 committee

Exclusive: 2nd former Yelm staffer comes forward on city’ hall’s “toxic” workplace,
* City Admin Grayum should be on administrative leave,
* Yelm’s council should censure Mayor Foster,
* Yelm’s Protocol Manual has not been followed!

  • Editor’s note:
  • A second former city employee has come forward to respond to allegations about top city leaders.
  • Revelations of sexual harassment and intimidation allegations against City Administrator Michael Grayum made public in a letter to the Yelm City Council on September 17, 2021.
  • Hearing from city employees who experienced these allegations first-hand is important for constituents to understand what occurred.
  • On October 19, 2021, this blog first posted the observations of a former employee. Click here
  • A second employee has now come forward to answer the same questions, see below.
  • Due to an independent, third party investigation, this person’s name will also remain anonymous.
  • Although I rarely post anonymous interviews, I am in this case because I verbally verified the context of these allegations with 2 officials.
  • While some readers may think this is an employee with an agenda, the Staff Representative for the Washington State Council of County and City Employees (Council 2, AFSCME, AFL-CIO) sent a letter to Mayor Foster and the Yelm city council specifying several women “felt they were being harassed and working under a Hostile Work Environment.”
  • As standard operating procedure, the city’s supervisory personnel are placed on administrative leave during an independent investigation. As of last week, Mr. Grayum was still on the job, even invited to participate at the council session, which has been totally inappropriate.
  • That Mayor Foster has continued to allow Grayum in his post, and in not following the Yelm Protocol Manual, requires he be censured by the council.
  • Foster is not demanding the highest standard of ethics from appointed officials, as the Yelm Protocol Manual states: “It is the policy of the City of Yelm to uphold, promote, and demand the highest standards of ethics from all of its elected and appointed officials. Accordingly, all elected officials, members of all appointed boards, commissions, committees, City employees, consultants and professional service providers are expected to maintain the utmost standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty and fairness in carrying out their public duties; avoid any improprieties in their roles as public servants; and never use their City position or powers for personal gain.”
  • The Yelm City Council needs to do their job and censure Mayor Foster for violating the Yelm Protocol Manual in not allowing a proper, independent investigation to commence for over 6 months.
  • I appreciate this employee bringing forth these observations, in the public’s interests.
  • The unabridged interview is as follows –

As I mentioned, I would like to ask you some questions to establish for the public what occurred, as follows:

1. You worked for the City of Yelm for years. In what departments and what time-frame did you work in each department.

Prefer not to respond to maintain anonymity 

2. Were you ever directly supervised by City Administrator Michael Grayum?


3. Did you witness the allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation by Mr. Grayum?


4. Did you witness the allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation by Mr. Grayum with more than one staff person? Did you hear of others that you did not witness?

Yes and yes. I have witnessed Mr. Grayum’s harassing and intimidating behavior and have also heard about it from other staff.

5. If so, did you report your observations to your supervisor and/or to Mayor Foster?

Multiple supervisors were aware of and witnessed Mr. Grayum’s behavior. Many were also recipients of intimidation and harassment.

6. Were you the recipient of Mr. Grayum’s sexual harassment and/or intimidation? If so, are you willing to explain either?

Yes. Mr. Grayum regularly intimidated, belittled, humiliated, and demonstrated sexist behavior towards me. He made pointed remarks about my appearance, referred to me using appearance-based nicknames, and he always found an excuse to touch me; while where he touched me was not necessarily sexual in nature, he did not demonstrate the same behavior towards my male coworkers. 

7. The level of staff turnover in the last 5 years has been on the high side, bordering on excessive. Are you aware of fellow staff members leaving City of Yelm employment to remove themselves from what former Finance Director Joe Wolfe called a “toxic” workspace in 2019?

I agree that staff turnover has been high. I agree that “toxic” accurately describes this workplace. I have heard that other employees have felt motivated to pursue other employment due to the environment, but I can’t speak to their ultimate reason for leaving the city.

8. Was the toxic work environment the number one cause of fellow staff members leaving city employment, to your knowledge?

Human Resources conducted exit interviews with employees that would speak to their number one cause for staff members leaving City employment. 

9. Did you leave the city’s employment because of intimidation and/or a toxic workplace? Were you angry to be put in such a position as to look for another job? Did you share that reason in an exit interview?

There were several reasons why I left city employment, however, toxicity was what motivated me to look for a new position. I was not angry to be put in that position, I was angry that I was being treated badly and my coworkers and friends were being treated badly. My mental health suffered significantly due to the environment and I needed to leave for my personal well-being. Human Resources was aware of my feelings, but I don’t remember precisely what I mentioned in my exit interview. 


10. I would like to focus on Mayor Foster’s leadership in supporting staff. He ran his 2017 mayoral campaign staying his number one priority if elected is taking care of city staff. Did he do that or only in covering for City Administrator Grayum?

Mayor Foster’s response has been one of the most disappointing parts of this situation. It didn’t take long for me to realize the type of person that Mr. Grayum was. However, Mayor Foster was someone that I trusted and looked up to. I believe that his response to this has demonstrated that he never cared for his employees in the first place, and this is especially true for his female staff. If he is enabling Mr. Grayum’s behavior, the Mayor is no different than Mr. Grayum, and should be held equally accountable. 

11. Did Foster meet with other staff members, offering his time as a committed listener? There is an allegation that Foster merely shoved all of this under the carpet to keep his reputation/legacy intact as he leaves office at the end of the year.

I felt that Mayor Foster was a committed listener and was often in the office and made himself available to employees. However, this was mostly within the context of resolving citizen requests and complaints. When I interacted with Mayor Foster, I felt that he treated me, generally, with respect and kindness. I can’t speak to his motivation for failing to act and protect his employees, but the fact that he knew so many employees personally adds insult to injury. 

12. In what you saw, do you support that allegation. The Union Rep. [the Staff Representative for the Washington State Council of County and City Employees] stated she went to Foster with concerns months ago, and he did little. Would you agree? Did you share your concerns with the Union Rep.?

I was not present when the Union Representative, Hannah Hollander shared her concerns with the Mayor. However, the Union Shop Steward was present during many of my interactions with Mr. Grayum and Hannah Hollander was aware of what was occurring. She assured me that she brought it to the attention of the Mayor, and the Union in the City of Yelm has demonstrated nothing but genuine care for the City’s employees. 

13. Is there anything else you would like to add that I did not ask?

Human Resources is completely complicit in enabling Mr. Grayum and creating an environment that is harmful to employees and actively discourages reporting. The first thing you learn from your coworkers when walking into City Hall is that they are not to be trusted. The management team has been historically complicit, but primarily in the interest of self-preservation. Michael Grayum treats employees with a level of disrespect that borders malice, and I am not the only employee who has suffered. 


On behalf of fellow Yelm constituents, I thank you very much for your courage in coming forward.

* Where to find Christmas Lights around Thurston,
* Why int’l election observers would give Wisconsin a failing grade,
* China’s Yutu 2 rover spots cube-shaped object on moon’s far side!

“An image from China’s Yutu 2 showing a cube-shaped object on the horizon on the far side of the moon.” Image credit: China National Space Administration (CNSA)/Our Space


+ McClatchy Newspapers: Make the holidays brighter by giving to local nonprofits through the Light of Hope

+ The Olympian: Preliminary Thurston County budget shows strong tax revenue, relief funding

+ Thurston Talk: Where to Find 2021 Christmas Lights in Olympia and Surrounding Areas

*** NATIONAL/INT’L NEWS FROM THE WEEKEND *** China’s Yutu 2 rover spots cube-shaped ‘mystery hut’ on far side of the moon

CNBC: Former Sen. Bob Dole, longtime Republican leader, dies at 98

The Washington Post Opinion: Why international election observers would give Wisconsin a failing grade

Reuters: U.S. State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware – sources [Edward Snowden: “Do you think the US will be sanctioning the host nation for this company?”]

NBC News Meet The Press: Democracy is ‘failed’ or ‘in trouble’ among young voters – The largest segment of this block of Americans is the non-college segment and they’re not fans of the Biden White House.


The Olympian: Cruise ship with 10 positive COVID cases heads for New Orleans, health officials say – Norwegian Cruise Lines requires all passengers and crew to be fully vaccinated, according to its policies. Guests were also required to take a COVID-19 test before boarding.

Common Dreams: Top Shareholders of Pfizer and Moderna Made Over $10 Billion After Omicron Arose


The Washington Post: Alleged Proud Boys associate charged in Capitol riot after FBI identified him in an August photo with Sidney Powell

The Washington Post Editorial Board: Donald Trump: Superspreader in chief

The Washington Post: Seven days: Following Trump’s coronavirus trail [Ed. note: This is a diagram of a pathetic “leader.”]

CNN: Meadows doubles down on debunked election fraud claims and whitewashes January 6 riot in new bookCNN’s Zachary Cohen: Throughout the memoir, Meadows describes work-related conversations w/ Trump from his time at White House, including private discussions about the election, efforts to find voter fraud, & Trump’s speech at the Ellipse on Jan. 6. – George Conway Tweet: so this is the personal memoir exception to the nonexistent executive insurrection privilege.
Former Senator Bob Dole stands aided to salute the casket of George H. W. Bush, Dec. 4, 2018. Dole died Dec. 5, 2021.
Credit: Newsweek

Editorial cartoonists on last week’s news highlights!

“Roe Woe”
Credit: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer
“Property of the U.S. government”
Credit: Steve Sack, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune
“Court question”
Credit: Mike Luckovich, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“Scary Times”
Credit: David Horsey, The Seattle Times
Credit: Jeff Danziger, The Rutland (VT.) Herald
“This mess is so big and so deep and so tall”
Credit: Steve Sack, The Minneapolis Star Tribune
“Trump’s Covid Test”
Credit: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer
Credit: Mike Luckovich, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

* Thurston’s kids 5 to 11 getting vaccinated faster than the statewide average,
* WA Supreme Court declines to draw new redistricting plan,
* Jeffrey Clark’s letter to GA. officials appears to have been written by the Trump White House!
Thurston County kids 5 to 11 are getting vaccinated faster than the statewide average.
Courtesy: JOLT News


+ JOLT News: Thurston County kids 5 to 11 are getting vaccinated faster than the statewide average

+ The Olympian: Thurston’s public health director Schelli Slaughter resigns, exits county job by Jan. 3

+ The Seattle Times: Digital COVID vaccine verification tool officially launched in Washington state

+ JOLT News: Two-year forecasts reveal more tough news for housing affordability

+ KING-5 TV News: Explosion rattles Islamic Center of Olympia in apparent act of intimidation

+ The Olympian: WA Supreme Court declines to draw new redistricting plan

+ The Chronicle: Centralia City Light’s hydroelectric project in Yelm generated about 5% less energy during 2020 when compared with previous years, according to an annual report out Thursday from the department.


MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Germany locks down unvaccinated people – Germany has announced tough new restrictions exclude unvaccinated people from much of public life as a way to help curb a wave of infections in the country.

CNBC: Germany steps closer to making Covid vaccines mandatory, imposes strict curbs on unvaccinated

FOX News: Oklahoma attorney general sues Biden admin over federal workforce vaccine mandate

National Vaccine Information Center: VAERS data released Dec. 3rd show a 5-year-old girl died 4 days after Pfizer shot

Associated Press: New data suggests 1 in 44 US children affected by autism


Truthout: For the First Time, Supreme Court Is Poised to Retract a Fundamental Right

Associated Press: Thousands of Air Guard, Reserves don’t meet vaccine deadline

Common Dreams: Dark Money From the U.S. Christian Right Fuels War on Abortion Rights Worldwide

Associated Press: New data suggests 1 in 44 US children affected by autism


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Jeffrey Clark’s letter to Georgia officials appears to have been written by the Trump White House, not Clark [Ed. note: Is this the smoking gun that The White House officials were involved in meeting to subvert election results?]

MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: For the second time this week, a lawyer close to Donald Trump has told the Jan. 6 committee that he will plead the Fifth.

Business Insider: Kayleigh McEnany says she didn’t lie in the White House briefing room because she went to Oxford, Harvard, and Georgetown and is a Christian [Ed. note: Let her tell this to the Jan 6th Committee under oath and see where the chips may fall. I am certain she will not perjure herself under oath, because she is “not deceptive because she’s a Christian and a mother!” haha…]

The NY Daily News: Trump upset with ex-aide Mark Meadows for spilling the beans on positive COVID-19 test before debate with Biden: report

Yelm’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting today 5-7pm, in the Park!
Credit: Yelm Chamber of Commerce

Christmas Lighting in Yelm City Park this evening, 5-7pm
“Christmas is COMING! and we cannot wait to celebrate with you this year! We will be kicking off this years festivities with our Yelm Lights At Night & Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony brought to you by The City of Yelm – Government and The Yelm Chamber of Commerce! This event will take place on Friday, December 3rd at 5pm at Yelm City Park!

“Santa going to make a special appearance at the Christmas Tree Lighting event this Friday from 5-7 p.m. to do FREE pictures with Santa! Come to Yelm City Park this Friday to grab some free hot cocoa or cider and a Christmas treat, get your pictures with Santa, and celebrate the beginning of the Holiday season with Santa himself!”

This event is free to the public!

+ NVN: Nisqually Valley holiday happenings

* US extends mask mandate for travelers through mid-March,
* What to do if you test positive for COVID-19 overseas,
* The Pan Am Museum opens Dec. 4, commemorates 30 years since ceasing operations!

The Pan Am Museum opens Dec. 4, commemorates 30 years since ceasing operations
Credit: Pan Am Museum


The Olympian: Port of Olympia in need of marine terminal director after Faucher accepts new job [Ed. note: This with 2 new Port Commissioners soon beginning their jobs.]

Office of Gov. Jay Inslee: Inslee announces FEMA mobile COVID-19 vaccination unit coming to Western Washington


Commemorative Air Force: Three Decades After Closing Pan Am Lives On at the Pan Am Museum – December 4, 2021, Commemorates 30 Years Since the Iconic Airline Ceased Operations

KING-5 TV News: US to extend mask mandate for travelers through mid-March

KING-5 TV News: China clears Boeing 737 MAX to fly again

AARP: December Activities with AARP Washington

MSNBC Morning Joe: Maya Wiley: Justice Roberts is the one to watch in abortion case

The Points Guy: US tightens pre-travel testing windows, extends mask mandates for travelers to fight omicron variant

The Points Guy: What to do if you test positive for COVID-19 overseas

Netflix: Lead Me Home documentary of America’s homelessness

MSNBC Opinion: This Amy Coney Barrett question probably doomed abortion in America

MSNBC: Justice Sotomayor: ‘When does the life of a woman and putting her at risk enter the calculus?’


Politico: Austria becomes first Western country to resort to mandatory, compulsory coronavirus vaccination

Common Dreams: Celebrities Urge Hollywood to End Support for Big Pharma’s Vaccine Monopoly

The Hill: Scientists find ‘trigger’ for rare blood clots in patients after AstraZeneca vaccine


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Two Georgia election workers sue St. Louis-based Gateway Pundit website over false fraud claims

Politico: Judge: Trump and allies ‘stoked the flames of fear’ that led to Jan. 6 violence

The Washington Post via The Seattle Times: Trump could pocket $100 million in deal for money-losing D.C. hotel

The New York Times: Trump Tested Positive for Virus Days Before Debate, 2 Ex-Officials Say

MSNBC’s MaddowBlog: Mark Meadows is describing a story from his own book as ‘fake news’ – that Trump had tested positive for covid before a Biden debate

The Washington Post: The bombshell about Trump testing positive also implicates the Trump family

The Washington Post via MSN: House Jan. 6 committee votes to hold former Trump DOJ official in criminal contempt

Bloomberg via MSN: Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood among attorneys ordered to pay $175,000 over Michigan ‘Kraken’ suit

* I-5 flooding could be national security issue, cutting JBLM from many troops,
* WaPo: ‘Roe’ is dead. The Roberts Court’s ‘stench’ will live forever.
* Trump tested Covid positive a few days before Biden debate!

Screen shot:”Alt. Route to Olympia”
“If the stretch of Interstate 5 between Olympia and Tacoma closes, there are two veins of alternative routes traffic can take, both of which added hours of commute time during the DuPont derailment.” One is through Yelm. Credit: David Newcomb, McClatchy Newspapers


+ JOLT News: Army special ops training starts Friday, rrrrrruns two weeks – Plan to duck for low-flying ‘copters and tilt-rotor aircraft: Dec. 3-17, Lacey to Yelm

Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT): The 12 Days of Giving – A Festival of Generosity to Celebrate Giving Tuesday here in Thurston County

+ Thurston Talk: Thurston Economic Development Councils Wants Shoppers To Get In the Spirit of the Season and Make an Extra Effort and Choice to Shop Local

+ The Olympian Special Report: A lifeline in Peril As I-5 chokes the Nisqually, tribe warns circle of life for salmon, orcas collapsing

The Olympian: I-5 flood catastrophe could be national security issue, cutting JBLM from many troops

+ The Olympian: They cut costs in the ’60s. Now part of I-5 faces flood danger or up to $4.2B to fix

Read more at:

+ South Sound Business: Thurston Chamber Celebrates 2021 Boss of the Year Honorees – includes Port Commissioner-elect and Nisqually Tribe’s Bob Iyall, Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation

+ The Olympian: Keep your decorated home safe this holiday season with these fire prevention tips – Christmas tree fires aren’t common but can be very serious, the National Fire Protection Association said.


CNBC: First U.S. omicron patient was fully vaccinated and has mild Covid symptoms, officials say

NBC News: Mutations on the spike proteins of the variant caught the attention of researchers who have been on the lookout for changes that could worsen the pandemic.

NBC News: Hospitals refused to prescribe ivermectin. Threats and lockdowns followed.

Reuters: Courts block two Biden administration COVID vaccine mandates – A federal judge in Louisiana on Tuesday issued a preliminary injunction halting President Biden’s national vaccine mandate for healthcare workers nationwide, and separately, a U.S. district judge in Kentucky issued a preliminary injunction blocking Biden’s mandate for federal contractors in three states.

National Vaccination Center: Efficacy of Pfizer’s COVID Biologic Estimated at 33 Percent

Cardiovascular Business: New data on the link between COVID-19 vaccines and myopericarditis, according to a new analysis published in the American Journal of Cardiology.


Slate: SCOTUS Will Gaslight Us Until the End – Oral arguments [Wednesday] made clear that this court will overturn Roe—and that they’ll insist on their own reasonableness the whole time.

The Washington Post Opinion: ‘Roe’ is dead. The Roberts Court’s ‘stench’ will live forever.

Salon: Georgia Rejects Record Number of Absentee Ballot Requests Under New Voting Laws [Ed. note: The fix IS in limiting Voting Rights, and soon, Abortion Rights!]

NBC News: GOP targets Wisconsin elections system, nonpartisan director – The battleground state is the latest front in the GOP’s national push to exert more control over elections amid Trump and his allies’ continued false election claims.

Reuters: U.S. screened 2.45 million air passengers Sunday, highest since early 2020

Associated Press: Stacey Abrams launches 2nd campaign for Georgia governor


The Guardian (UK): Trump tested positive for Covid few days before Biden debate, chief of staff says in new book – Mark Meadows makes stunning admission in new memoir obtained by Guardian, saying a second test returned negative [Ed. note: Are Trump sycophants starting to wake-up and speak the truth because they want a political future, and Trump “ain’t it!?]

NBC News: Trump’s border separations left children, parents with severe trauma, study finds

The Hill: Maxwell accuser says Epstein took her to meet Trump at Mar-A-Lago when she was 14

* Yelm Christmas Tree Lighting event, Dec. 3rd,
* Hanukah in the Park Celebration is Dec. 5th,
* Christmas in the Park is Dec. 11 – Santa’s mailbox now at city hall!
Menorah Lighting Ceremony in Yelm City Park
Credit: Chabad Jewish Center of Olympia

Yelm’s Christmas and Chanakuh in the Park events:

+ Friday, December 3rd“Santa going to make a special appearance at the Christmas Tree Lighting event this Friday from 5-7 p.m. to do FREE pictures with Santa! Come to Yelm City Park this Friday to grab some free hot cocoa or cider and a Christmas treat, get your pictures with Santa, and celebrate the beginning of the Holiday season with Santa himself!”

+ Sunday, December 5th: Yelm Chanukah Celebration at Yelm City Park, 4:30pm

+ Saturday, December 11th: Christmas in the Park event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m

Yelm Christmas in the Park:

“Santa’s elves dropped off a magic mailbox on behalf of the big guy! All letters delivered to this mailbox are sent directly to Santa. Santa’s mailbox is located outside of Yelm CIty Hall at 106 2nd St. SE and will be outside from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Christmas Eve. While the mailbox will be here through Christmas, the elves said to get your letters in by December 11 so Santa can send a letter back to you before Christmas. The mailbox will be at Yelm City Park during the Christmas in the Park event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will have a booth with supplies for kids to write their letters. Merry Christmas!” Credit: City of Yelm Government Facebook page
“Special Delivery from the North Pole! While you were sleeping, a few of Santa’s most experienced elves took Rudolf and the reindeer team out for some exercise to get into shape before Christmas Eve. They heard about the new lights on the water tower and travelled (sic) all the way from the North Pole to see it for themselves”
Credit: City of Yelm Government Facebook page

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