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Open debate among citizens

This writer watches no network television except one weekly program – CBS News 60 Minutes. A KK reader sent this clip from a show I have never seen and presented in this 5-minute scene from ABC’s Boston Legal is one of the most compelling descriptions of the current state of compromise among Americans’ political and personal freedoms. While one’s politics does not win court cases, this argument to a jury is worth sharing with all Americans. Turn up your volume, click this link and prepare to be moved: link here
And the transcript: link here

This very issue has trickled down to the local level (perhaps to your town as well) with the City of Yelm’s embarrassingly ignorant “moratorium on moratoriums” and the public restriction from mentioning the W-word, “Wal-Mart” in Council Chambers. This in a town where 5 persons from the public are limited to 3 minutes each to speak twice a month before the Mayor & Council in meetings that rarely run more than 30 minutes total. Why cant the public speak here at ANY Council meeting for their collective 15 minutes on ANY subject? Why? Because the Council wishes not to have discourse taken up by one subject? Not good enough! This is a republic where government is supposed to serve the citizens, not restrict their interactions by said government. There is no other opportunity to meet collectively with our elected City Hall officials because this Mayor & Council hold no Town Forums. And in Yelm, we have Baptist ministers assailing divergent views to their own parishioners and writing letters to the local newspaper condemning differences of opinion and breeding fear, when empowering through encouragement of self-discovery would uplift their fellow citizens. And anyone challenging their views in this day is smeared as a heretic or worse. The voting public should strongly consider electing officials that will listen to their constituents and booting out the ones that act otherwise.

This writer has always been for as long as I can remember, for regular open debate among citizens and elected officials and will be a supporter for this Mayor and Council’s Town Hall Forums when and if they hold such and as vigorously as I am with the upcoming Fire/EMS co-chiefs’ meeting. Quoting The Olympian on October 12, 2005, “Klein is a strong advocate for residents being allowed to express their views at council meetings…” link here

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  1. The Yelm City Council is considering approving a Local Improvement District (LID) This will assess the properties next to the Tahoma Homes Project to help pay for the needed roads. Thurston County Highlands already agreed to provide these roads as part of their “Final Master Plan.” It’s time we stop this sort of thing before everyone in the area pays for Highland’s developments.

    Comment by nancy breidenthal on April 30, 2006 at 11:49 am

  2. hey i use to live in yelm but, now i live in Aberdeen and personally i love it way better there.

    Comment by Tasha White on November 8, 2006 at 8:46 am

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