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Dear Readers,

Consciousness and energy create the nature of reality in one’s life, meaning that putting energy behind whatever you think will have that thought happen in your life. So, during the last week while I have been contemplating the local newspaper (NVN) devoting a full column attempting to make Yelm’s first blog irrelevant, I brought forth to me a magazine with several pertinent stories about blogs and newspapers that I would like to share with you.

Mr. Graves states “a blog is not to be mistaken for true journalism.” No one ever stated a blog WAS true journalism, rather individuals exercising their rights of free speech in an open exchange via the modern Town Hall- the internet! A Blogger now covers White House Press briefings: “…a young man stepped into the White House briefing room Monday [March 6] as perhaps the first blogger to cover the daily press briefings…Garrett M. Graff, 23, writes Fishbowl D.C., a Web log about the news media in Washington. He decided to see if he could get a daily pass for a briefing after a recent controversy raised questions about White House access and who is a legitimate reporter…McClellan [White House Press Secretary] said Graff was believed to be the first blogger to be credentialed to attend his morning press gathering and his televised briefing later in the day…Graff is the son of Christopher Graff, correspondent for The Associated Press in Montpelier, Vt.,” quoting the AP. [Ed. Note: Even this suppressive White House acknowledges the impact of blogs on the landscape of free speech.]

The Economist published a timely article in its Apr. 22-26 edition about the troubles at The New York Times saying:
“NEWSPAPERS are faring badly in America. Their circulations are falling as the young get their news from the internet, and they are losing their share of advertising, especially classified ads. Last year shareholders in the second-biggest, Knight Ridder, forced the firm to sell itself.” [Ed. Note: Local groceries no longer advertise with the local newspaper, as previously mentioned by the NVN publisher/editor in his column, bulk-mailing their own sections instead.]

Yelm’s local newspaper says “A link is just a link” responding to my comments about one local developer being the only one allowed to have a link on the NVN homepage. The local newspaper editor stated in his November 18th, 2005 post-mayoral election column “Perceptions are a mighty thing, sometimes more powerful than the truth.” This writer agrees with Mr. Graves which is exactly why I questioned the Thurston Highlands developers’ own link on the NVN site, especially when they have a pending application before the city. So, in the context of perception, “A link is NOT just a link.”

Further, from the same edition of The Economist, “WE CHANGED South Korean politics and the media market, but I’m too shy to say that,” says Oh Yeon Ho before he can catch his own irony. But Mr Oh, the founder and boss of Ohmy News, a sort of online newspaper, has earned the right to boast, because Ohmy is the world’s most successful example to date of citizen journalism in action.” [Ed. Note: Just another example about how blogs are affecting the world, through citizen-journalism right down to the local level.]

We will be on holiday for a couple of weeks…
Steve Klein

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  1. This submitted to Kleiner’s Korner by a reader:
    “…just now on KING-5 [NBC’s television affiliate in Seattle] news they were talking about bloggers and I lifted this sentence from their story: the voice of the every man growing louder and being heard.

    Because a blog is the perfect forum to by-pass restrictions and limitations imposed from the top down, and instead allow issues to bubble up from the bottom rendering editing and moratoriums impotent. Luv it!

    Kleiner’s Korner accessed here:

    Comment by Steve Klein on May 4, 2006 at 8:23 pm

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