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Unfortunately for most in the City of Yelm, they will not have seen the excellent Staff Report prepared by Jim Gibson, Development Review Engineer about the Killion Rd. Local Improvement District (LID) being voted by Yelm’s City Council on June 14th, because this report is not hotlinked on the City of Yelm website. One must happen upon the link or be told about it. [To find it, click on the City of Yelm website, then click “Agendas”, then under that tab, click “City Council” and you will get the June 14th Agenda page. Then click 9a.]
Upon reading this report, one can see for themselves that the Yelm City Council will vote to approve the LID on June 14th.
Clearly, the city has taken into consideration the considerable citizen outrage over this LID and deserves credit for listening and talking with property owners. Now, the citizens affected by the LID must protect their land value from this process.
There are two parts of his LID on which the affected property owners should focus:
A. Assessment to those properties.
B. Right of Way requirements and acquisition.

Page 7 of this report shows how much square footage of area will be needed to be purchased from each affected
property owner by the City. Those affected by the LID must be proactive to hold the City’s “feet to the fire” to buy their frontage acreage at fair market value and not some give-away price. To do so, one must do their homework to find out what that will be. The LID affected property owners must work together to get uniformity about what they expect the City to pay for their land. This issue will eventually come before a judge and their collective voice will be heard. And, if the City of Yelm is going to have to pay for this frontage property, the question should be raised as to how much Tahoma Terra will pay to the City for this venture, as they brought this LID in the first place.

To reiterate, you affected property owners need to focus on not only what you will be assessed, but for how much you wish to sell your affected frontage property to the City.

The passage of the LID on June 14th is a “slam dunk.”

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