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L. I. D. Update

The very essence of community involvement is to let our elected officials know how we feel on city affairs.
Please write your views about the L. I. D. to the Mayor and Yelm City Council, as they are scheduled to vote
on the L. I. D. on Wednesday, June 14th. Your written comments are important in their decision-making process.

Mayor Ron Harding & Yelm City Council
City of Yelm
P.O. Box 479
Yelm, WA 98597

Please note that many items on the Yelm City Council’s twice-monthly meetings are already previously discussed and researched through the Council’s monthly Study Sessions . Although the public is not allowed to participate in their discourse, the public can attend as observers. The next one will be held on Thursday, June 22nd at 5pm. The Study Sessions are listed on each session’s City Council Minutes.

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  1. This area is becoming so congested, and adding an additional 800 homes makes no sense what so ever. The leadership in this town, or should I say historic lack of leadership, has done nothing but depleate (sic) the small amount of resources that we do have (ie; water, traffic, land use, argriculture availability, forest, etc)- now we are building more sub-divisions which will tax the water we do have left, add at least 1600 more cars to our traffic (not to mention the traffic we are expecting from the stupid WalMart decision) with not relief in sight until 2011? Parden my flat forhead as I am beating my head with the flat of my hand trying to figure out what the mayor and counsil (sic) is thinking- DUH! You bet I will write those “leaders” and add my 2 cents of what it is worth.

    Comment by Nikki on June 7, 2006 at 7:38 am

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