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This blog is doing exactly what this writer intended –
to share information and create discussion on a whole range of community issues in a forum not provided in this town. The very fact that there is controversy from these pages and from Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Isom is demonstrative of the fact that this writer’s intent is working, and in just a few short months!
Now, Mr. Isom again criticizes this blog in today’s Olympian with a further expected bump in hits. Thank you Mr. Isom for the free publicity! Readers just Google “Steve Klein, blog” and this link appears on the first page. Quoting The Olympian story,
“‘Every article in there [Yelm.com] slams the City Council for everything they try to do, and frankly without any information,’ said Yelm City Council member Bob Isom.”
HMMM, that’s an interesting observation! Mr. Isom, this writer lists every source for everything stated for the reader to read for themselves to obtain the full context. And, ALL stories are archived for future reference, something the local weekly newspaper does not do. Further, after last year’s mayoral race, my wife and I purchased two full pages in the Nisqually Valley News listing our plans were we elected, as a gift to then mayor-elect Harding and the City Council to use in any way they like. That still stands for all to see thanks to Beyond the Ordinary.net archives.
And, this writer has invited guest commentary, all from experts in their fields.
More exiting stories to come…

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