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Quoting City of Yelm Community Development Dept. Director Grant Beck “At the request of the Yelm Community Development Department, in order to keep interested parties up to date during the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement, the developers of the Thurston Highlands Master Planned Community have prepared a newsletter which provides a project status update. The newsletter was mailed by the developers to all interested parties who provided a mailing address during the expanded scoping process for the Environmental Impact Statement. The update is also posted on the City’s website at www.ci.yelm.wa.us.”

Further, Mr. Beck will be providing a Thurston Highlands Update to the City Council in the Council Study Session tonight at 5pm, which is open to the public for observation only, as there is no public discourse allowed at these meetings. Tonight’s agenda may be found on the city’s website, then click “Upcoming Agenda”

Photo courtesy Free Flow Media
Yelm Ave. East looking West

Additionally, Yelm Mayor Ron Harding gave the oath of office to just-appointed 7th Council member Russ Hendrickson last night, an installation and repair technician for YCOM Networks (Yelm Telephone) who is married to Yelm School Board member Denise Hendrickson. No local newspaper reporter was present as they were reportedly covering the Yelm Loop/DOT Open House & Access Hearing, so no photo was taken. However Mayor Harding stated there would be a reinactment for a journalistic photo/story. Congratulations to Mr. Hendrickson. In addition to Mrs. Hendrickson and City Planning Commisioner Perez, only this writer and his wife were in audience. [Ed. Note: We both felt that a 7 member City Council will greatly benefit this town and with three new members of late, there would be more ideas and discourse. Congratulations to the entire Council for this achievement. All were present last night and revealed a glimpse at the change to come. However, the City Council touted “diversity” would be the criteria in the selection process. A former City Council member & Mayor Pro-Tem plus a representative from Yelm Telephone, who’s previous owner served on City Council defies the “diversity” intent. How about another woman from the many qualified applicants, for example? Or one not connected to in some way to city politics? ]

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