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Dear Friends,

When I filed with the Public Disclosure Commission 3 months ago, on May 1st, indicating my decision to run for State Representative I was told by several of the Power Structure, the movers-and-shakers in the Democratic Party I would never be endorsed. You and I kept our focus.

I entered the race without financial backing, I had no previous experience, and I was a student in Ramtha’s School. I was told, “Three strikes, you’re out.” You and I kept our focus.

Chairman, Committee Officer, Representative and Senator, told me to get out. They would not endorse me because I could not over come these obstacles. You and I kept our focus.

Last Sunday evening, July 30th, the 2nd Legislative District Committee voted unanimously to endorse Jean Marie Christenson as their Candidate for State Representative in District 2. The Thurston County Democrats had already voted unanimously to offer their services. You and I kept our focus.

Additionally, the very same folks who said it couldn’t happen were at a party Sunday evening celebrating the one Candidate who had already won the Primary Election for the Democratic Party by entering the Primary Election unopposed by any other Democrat!! That Candidate is Jean Marie Christenson. You and I kept our focus.

Today I am pleased to announce to you:

Jean Marie Christenson is the Democratic Party’s Candidate for State Representative in District 2, Position 1, and has already WON the Primary Election!

I know that you and I will keep our focus.

Thank you.

Jean Marie Christenson, Candidate for State Representative, District 2, Position 1

Photo courtesy of Stephany Ray, Professional Photographer and Webmaster of MastersConnection.com

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