August 15, 2006


With the controversy by Yelm city officials and the local newspaper now behind us over JZ Knight’s invitation to attend her Fabulous Wealth Retreat last June, comes word that a representative from a southwest regional magazine was in the audience and has brought more notoriety to Yelm and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. Kathleen Francis filed this report for Sedona, AZ. based Four Corners Magazine titled “A Remarkable Life, Anyone?” (pdf, see page 2).

August 14, 2006


As this writer was getting a chelation treatment last week at the Mount Rainier Clinic in Yelm, my thoughts turned to the discussion among all of the patients getting similar treatments sitting together in the comfortable chairs in the main room. Listening to the conversations, I heard people from Puyallup, Oregon, Tacoma, Seattle, the coast, and on and on. They all come here from the world over because of the hope of reversal from devastating diseases caused by arterial plaque and what chelation therapy can do to reverse many of these symptoms. Dr. Elmer Cranton, one of the leading MDs in the field of chelation therapy has many books and scientific articles published on this topic. He has operated the Yelm office since 1993 with his son John Cranton taking over day-to-day operations in the last year.
Won’t you learn more of this fabulous method of avoiding many non-invasive surgeries on which Dr. Cranton has written the book? Dr. Cranton has published a book for the public and is available in his office titled “Bypassing Bypass Surgery Chelation Therapy: A Non-Surgical Treatment for Reversing Arteriosclerosis, Improving Blocked Circulation, and Slowing the Aging Process. In his definitive book on chelation therapy, Dr. Cranton clearly explains what chelation is, what it does, and how it works.”
Won’t you consider visiting this little jewel right here in Yelm and learn why people from all walks of life are coming to this Yelm icon?

August 13, 2006


“Starting August 1st, for 35 straight days, is taking its national movement, and headquarters, on the road in a non-stop, cross-country tour hitting 19 states and 35 cities in 35 days. From the East Coast, to America’s heartland, to the West Coast, the “2006 Change Wal-Mart, Change America Tour” is taking to the streets to fight for a better America.

In town halls, public squares, and at state fairs, America’s most exciting grassroots movement is standing up to rich, powerful corporations like Wal-Mart and spreading the word that it is time for Wal-Mart to do what is right instead of taking America in the wrong direction.

Over the next month, will be holding membership drives, community meetings, and some pretty exciting events with some of our nation’s best and most passionate political leaders like Senator John Edwards, who will be joining with us to fight for a better America.

So for the next 840 hours, 6 over-caffeinated Americans on one really big bus nicknamed Smiley are going from New York City to Seattle to fight for good jobs, more affordable health care, and a better life for all hard-working families.

But, to truly change Wal-Mart and change America for the better we need you.

The 2006 Change Wal-Mart Change America tour will be stopping in the cities listed on the left side of this page.

Click any event to RSVP. We will post the details before the event comes to your town.

Hope to see you there!” quoting the Wake-up Wal-Mart site.

In Seattle September 3
And, September 4
With Wal-Mart on the threshold of changing Yelm’s retail landscape, isn’t this is THE perfect time to become educated about this tour.

August 12, 2006


One of the most provacative films of the day will be shown at the Prairie Hotel Thursday Aug 17, at 7:30PM and is open to the public.

“The June 2006 L.A. American Scholars Symposium is still the most popular online streaming choice for C-Span viewers, according to their companion Capital News website. The 9/11 truth symposium, hosted by Alex Jones, featured numerous credible researchers and whistleblowers – as well as a speech by actor Charlie Sheen. The program, carried under the banner of C-Span’s ‘American Perspectives’ slot, caused waves across the Internet after debuting last weekend and repeating a further three times. It is highly unlikely that Dick Cheney’s speech which followed the symposium is responsible for any of the ratings!” quoting Prison Planet.
And this:
Tuesday, August 01, 2006 –
“The broadcast this past weekend of the proceedings of the American Scholars Symposium may have won more members for the 9/11 Truth movement. According to Paul Joseph Watson, whose Infowars partner Alex Jones hosted and moderated the event, the program, aired Saturday and Sunday and due to repeat on Tuesday evening, has generated a whole new audience for skepticism about the official version of the attacks five years ago.”

August 11, 2006


Congratulations to Yelm area author Bettye Johnson for her achievement in her book ‘Secrets of the Magdalene Scrollsfeatured in today’s Seattle P-I:

“It’s hard not to be inspired by an author such as Bettye Johnson. After all, how many first-time novelists do you know who are great-grandmothers? All it takes is one conversation with Johnson to understand that the author of “The Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls” (Living Free Press, 318 pages, $19.95) has never fit neatly into any of the accepted mores that once governed women of her generation.
Reached by phone at her home in the town of Rainier in Thurston County, the writer admits to feeling “very blessed” about the publication of her novel.”

Another Ramtha student making news creating new ideas and inspiring others! Fantastic, Bettye…

August 11, 2006


Ramtha works with his students every New Years Eve by having us focus and create how we each would like our coming year to unfold. While the party revelers are out singing “Auld Ange Syne”, we are in a “discipline” placing our minds on each season’s intended desires. While in-progress of our work last New Year’s Eve, when Ramtha directed us to focus on Summer, this writer heard him to say; Summer, chaos, look up! Reading the front pages of any newspaper this Summer; from record heat, major storms worldwide, power outages, icecap meltdown, war in Lebanon, Iraq, saber rattling between the USA & Iran, and now the alleged airliners bomb plot from the UK, and one can see that Ramtha was again “bang-on.” Even the Northwest Airlines flight attendants proposed strike effective August 15th is titled CHAOS (Create Havoc Around Our System).
Ramtha has been speaking of these days from the mid-1980’s with books from back then:
Change: The Days to Come
and Last Waltz of the Tyrants

August 11, 2006


This writer has received several questions about the gas pipline project crossing the outskirts of Yelm. The Tacoma News Tribune carried a front page story on August 10th about this issue:
“Following a history of ruptures and explosions, a private company is replacing a corroded, 50-year-old natural gas pipeline that snakes through Western Washington. It had no choice. Three years ago, after ruptures near Lake Tapps and the Lewis County town of Toledo, the federal government ordered that the 268-mile line close by this December. ‘The feds lost confidence in the pipelines ability to continue operation,’ said Alan Rathbun, a pipeline safety director for the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission. The pipelines owner, Williams Northwest Pipeline of Salt Lake City, is in the process of abandoning the line made of 26-inch pipes that run from Canada to Oregon. The company is spending $330 million to replace it with 80 miles of strategically placed 36-inch pipes. The new piping will combine with a second Williams pipe system to transport all of the natural gas used in Western Washington. One 22.5-mile segment of the new piping crosses the Nisqually River through Pierce and Thurston counties, upstream from the town of McKenna. Last week, backhoes forded the water, digging a trench about 14 feet deep across the 160-foot riverbed. The process, known as open cutting, removed sopping tons of cobbled rock in order to bury a U-shaped piece of pipe. The digging despoiled sediment and could change the ecology of the river…But worry about the digs ecological impact brought together federal, state and county regulatory agencies to work with Williams. Groups like the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are hovering over the project to make sure damage to the environment is minimized. Months of research provided a window of time in which the salmon would be least affected. The most damaging part of the dig was done within a day. Research also discovered that the amount of sediment disturbed would be no worse than a strong storm or spring defrost endurable disruptions. Sediment flow was monitored at various spots along the river during the dig. Williams says everything went according to plan…n top of these precautions, Williams is giving back to the land its destroying.
When a construction project cant avoid disturbing a wetland, state and federal law requires environmental mitigation, or a payout for damages. Williams agreed to give $550,000 to the Nisqually Tribe to be used to preserve and maintain the Nisqually River watershed. Regulatory agencies said that was suitable compensation. ‘We think we are getting a very good tradeoff here,’ said Sandy Howard, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Ecology. ‘The whole story here is: a trade between a short-term harm to the environment for a long-term environmental gain.’ A tribal official said the money will be held in a fund until worthwhile projects are approved. ‘Weve been doing comprehensive studies on all kinds of streams, looking for mitigation projects,’ said George Walter, a spokesman for the Nisqually Tribe. The Nisqually have a history of caring for the basin. Some of their work includes protecting endangered salmon species, removing dikes and restoring estuary habitats and acquiring shoreline property for permanent protection.”

August 10, 2006


A. On Wednesday, August 9, the Yelm City Council approved Ordinance #853 amending YMC 2.04 by changing City Council meeting days from Wednesday to Tuesday and Study Session Days from Thursday to Wednesday. This is to accommodate the Nisqually Valley News (NVN) printing schedule so that City Council news items can be communicated with the local community in a more timely manner for that same week’s NVN edition.

B. Additionally, the NVN and sister newspapers finally have a website with links to their full articles. This writer welcomes them to the computer age and welcomes the opportunity this blog and all readers will now have to link access for their stories. One must be a paid subscriber to the print edition in order to receive a password for computer access to the full site.

C. The Thurston County Roads Dept. has closed Bald Hill Rd. for three weeks at Lackamas Creek between Longmire and the newly widened turn:
Project: Lackamas Creek Culvert
Location: Bald Hill Road over Lackamas Creek
Description: Culvert replacement [to allow salmon access to stream].
Expected Completion Date: August 28, 2006
Estimated Cost: $120,000
Funding Sources: Federal/County

August 9, 2006


This writer has previously mentioned several times the precipice of traffic gridlock on which Yelm is approaching fast.
Nowhere was that more aptly exhibited than at 1:30pm and into the evening on Tuesday, August 8th in Yelm when all northbound lanes of I-5 were closed at the Nisqually River Bridge due to an accident. With the subsequent long wait times on the freeway 16 miles to the west of town, vehicles diverted on Wa. Hwy 510 though Yelm and north to Roy and Tacoma. Traffic movement took a half hour just to go from 89th Ave. to the town’s main traffic light, less than two miles. Emergency vehicles were delayed in their responses due to the almost gridlocked conditions.
I am on City Council records several times this year saying there needs to be a capacity increase to carry traffic on Yelm’s main artery. When I asked the Nisqually Valley News why they omitted from their story my on-record comments to the City Council during the LID Hearing about this issue, I was told by the reporter that this angle has been covered previously and space limitations warranted omission.
I say this issue has not been covered enough and needs to be raised continually as this town enters a traffic quagmire.
Let’s ask some questions. What do YOU think?

1. Turn lanes add just a little capability for a road to carry more traffic and mostly assist with flow by removing turning traffic from through lanes.
Will a LID-sponsored center turn lane improvement to Yelm Ave. West alleviate the daily traffic backups, backups continuing even with school on Summer recess?
Will a center turn lane add capacity to carry more vehicles in and out of town?

2. With no additional lanes of traffic in or out of Yelm now planned, how will this town handle any additional traffic capacity (lanes of through traffic) now and in the immediate future?

3. A bypass is 10 years away according to the DOT website. With no bypass for a decade, what do we do to alleviate the current and worsening conditions prior to 2015?.

4. Wal-Mart and Tahoma Terra will be adding thousands of cars daily to city streets within the next year.
How do you think the city’s traffic flow will be a year from now?

5. Even with a current center turn lane on Yelm Ave. East, traffic was at a crawl there yesterday because the vehicles were mostly through traffic going north. Only assisting with flow, can you see that a center turn lane on the East side did nothing to provide capacity yesterday, as will be the case on the West side?

6. Isn’t the city being a bit short-sighted in not planning for the huge traffic increases in the next one to ten years and planning for a 5-lane Yelm Ave. West now, instead of just a three lane Yelm Ave. West? Won’t we be coming back and asking property owners along Yelm Ave. West for more of their land as the town must widen the artery to 5 lanes within a few years?

7. Local Yelm businesses suffer as patrons find even driving a few blocks difficult here, delaying their shopping or taking their business elsewhere on back roads? You would think the Yelm Chamber of Commerce and Yelm Economic Development Committee would be aggressively touting this issue on behalf of local businesses, who work hard and provide tax revenue to the city. With gridlock affecting sales and tax revenue to the city, why do we hear little or nothing publicly stated by these groups about this issue? (i.e. this writer was to go shopping in McKenna yesterday and did not.)

8. How about considering many ideas previously suggested, like a simple reliever to Yelm Ave. West by making Washington Ave. a through street from behind McDonald’s through 1st St. (507) to 3rd St.?

9. What would the traffic situation at 2:30pm yesterday been like if Yelm High School was in session and their vehicles were added to the gridlock? Add that to Wal-Mart & Tahoma Terra traffic and what does that look like?

10. Diversions from I-5 through Yelm are not uncommon, occurring with increasing frequency. How would you have liked to have driven from Southworth Elementary School to downtown Yelm in over an hour, as yesterday?
And what about our children on school buses in that gridlock were school in session?

11. And then to top it all off, the Washington State Patrol was out in an unmarked car giving speeding infractions along Bald Hill Rd. between 5 Corners & 4 Corners. Couldn’t they have assisted moving traffic better through the Wa. State Hwy 507 and Vail Rd. intersections and across county lines into McKenna instead?

12. With gas predicted to be $4 a gallon here soon because of the Alaska pipeline shutdown, how would you have liked to have burned all of that fuel waiting in gridlocked traffic for an hour yesterday in your hometown?

Won’t you speak up to your elected officials and city planners?
Your voice needs to be heard!

August 8, 2006


Family Watchdog is a site that lists registered sex offenders who are living in a particular zip code. Place our local zip codes in the database and up pops the address of each category of offender. Click on any of the squares and full name, address, picture and other information pop-up about these individuals in our neighborhood.
Wouldn’t you like to have this knowledge ?


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