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Ramtha works with his students every New Years Eve by having us focus and create how we each would like our coming year to unfold. While the party revelers are out singing “Auld Ange Syne”, we are in a “discipline” placing our minds on each season’s intended desires. While in-progress of our work last New Year’s Eve, when Ramtha directed us to focus on Summer, this writer heard him to say; Summer, chaos, look up! Reading the front pages of any newspaper this Summer; from record heat, major storms worldwide, power outages, icecap meltdown, war in Lebanon, Iraq, saber rattling between the USA & Iran, and now the alleged airliners bomb plot from the UK, and one can see that Ramtha was again “bang-on.” Even the Northwest Airlines flight attendants proposed strike effective August 15th is titled CHAOS (Create Havoc Around Our System).
Ramtha has been speaking of these days from the mid-1980’s with books from back then:
Change: The Days to Come
and Last Waltz of the Tyrants

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