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Local area resident Danielle McCarter has been selected by Northwest Airlines, Inc. to manage their new Reservations facility in Singapore for 5 weeks beginning in October.
Danielle states, “I am really excited to work on the project there!”
Danielle is currently the Manager of Northwest’s Seattle Reservations Call Center handling calls from all over the western USA. Danielle met her husband-to-be Dave at the Seattle Res. Center, as well.
Congratulations on both, Danielle!

“Northwest Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline with hubs at
Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis,
Tokyo and Amsterdam, and approximately 1,400 daily departures…

This October, on the first of the month, we’ll celebrate our 80th
birthday, and like most octogenarians, we can’t resist the opportunity
to look back on some of our favorite memories. In the eight decades
since Colonel Lewis H. Brittain flew the first Northwest biplane,
carrying mail from the Twin Cities to Chicago, NWA has been a frequent
pioneer in the advancement of commercial aviation:

* We pioneered the northern “Great Circle Route” to Asia, flying
DC4s through the wintry Arctic skies on our way to becoming the
first U.S. airline to serve China and other Pacific markets. In
fact, next year will mark the 60th anniversary of our first
service to Asia.
* We introduced new technologies in the air and on the ground;
Northwest pioneered the first clear-air turbulence forecasting
system in 1957. We remain a leader in turbulence prediction,
providing warning services to other airlines.
* We were the 1989 launch customer for Boeing’s 747-400 “jumbo jet.”
The increased range and capacity of this aircraft brought the
world closer together than ever.

And our best years are yet to come,” quoting NWA President & CEO Doug Steenland.
Happy Birthday, Northwest!

Northwest Airlines & Seattle have been linked together since 1933 when Northwest began commerical airline service. On May 31, 1945, a Northwest Airlines DC-3 inaugurated transcontinental service when it departed Sea-Tac for New York City. Further, in 1949 Northwest Orient Airlines began nonstop flights from Seattle to Japan.

NWA’s Danielle McCarter poses in Singapore with her hometown newspaper, the NVN
Photo courtesy Mrs. McCarter

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