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King-5 TV’s Jean Enerson filed this report about former Yelm area resident Sam George earlier this summer.

“In September of 2004, three co-workers were having fun on jet skis on Lake Sammamish until two of them collided.

Sam George was hit from behind at full speed.

‘I was thrown forward into the water and wound up face-down unconscious in the water,’ he said. ‘The paramedics thought I wouldn’t make it.’

Broken bones were the least of his problems.

‘By the time I got to Harborview I had lost in the neigborhood of two-thirds of the blood in my body,’ he said…

He was also bleeding internally, but an IV given in the field may have saved him.

‘What’s so critical with this study is that the fluid has to be administered as early as possible. To really be effective it has to be the first IV fluid the patient gets,’ said Dr. Eileen Bulger.

That fluid is a concentrated dose of saline with or without dextran, a sugar. It’s a formulation already used in 14 European countries, but has yet to receive FDA approval…

Harborview is about to launch a much larger study that will involve 10 hosptials (sic) in the U.S. and Canada. It will include brain injury as well as trauma patients.”

University of Washington owns and operates Harborview Medical Center, one of the finest trauma care centers in the Northwest.
The Harborview study information.

Sam works at Microsoft and has been instrumental in the development of the Tablet Avalon Platform, for which he has a blog.
“In this episode Peter Loforte and Sam George talk about the purpose, scope, and motivating features of the Tablet PC operating system and the applications that run on it. They show real code examples of what it takes to build a Tablet PC application from scratch using Visual Studio.NET,” quoting this Microsoft interview from September 25, 2003.

Congratulations, Sam, for your perseverance, good humor and being an inspiration to others on this, the 2nd anniversary of your life-changing event. And to you and your wife Cortney, pregnant at the time of the accident, on the birth of your daughter.

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