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At the close of the City Council meeting last night, Mayor Harding asked the Council
for any closing comments.
This writer heard Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Isom state that Yelm was no longer a small “penny-ante town”
and that would be made very apparent with the city’s upcoming 2007 budget. He expressed his concerns
about the size of the budget saying he was a “fiscal conservative.” Mayor Harding smiled and brushed aside his remarks stating “All is well and the city has plenty of money to handle everything for several years.” The Mayor continued saying to Mr. Isom that Isom expressed these concerns last year about next year’s budget and we’re on the threshold of that discussion. Mr. Isom was not moved and still echoed his unease.
The 2007 City of Yelm Budget Work Sessions are open to the public and are scheduled to be held in City Council Chambers at 4pm on each Tuesday in October (3, 10, 17, 24, & 31).
Further, city hall department heads will present the City of Yelm Budget forecast for 2007 -2011 plus a 2006 revenue update tonight at 5pm in City Hall’s Council Chambers.
This writer agrees with Mr. Isom; we’re no small town anymore and officials/citizens must realize that this is a growing city and deal with the budget and city affairs in a big city context.

Besides the local newspaper reporter, a newly appointed Planning Commission member,
a Thurston County EDC presenter and some high school students auditing the session for their
class, this writer was the only citizen in attendance. HMMM!
Lack of citizen involvement here in Council issues is not a compliment to this city and must change, as well.

Yelm City Council member Bob Isom
Photo from City of Yelm website


Yes, Olympia Regional Airport recorded a record high of 81 degrees on September 26.

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  1. Hi Steve:

    I attended the Sept.27 Study Session on Budget. Mr. Isom seemed happy. I have been told it is virtually impossible to work one’s way thru a City or County budget, andShelley and Agnes are good. I have respect.

    It was something like $2 million but I didn’t see anything about water studies at $370,000 plus payroll for one Session’s approval.

    There is an annual percentage increase in water and sewer coming up. Police cameras are being installed downtown. Wall Mart opens May 2007. I did not stay for the new business.

    Comment by Gail Cane on September 27, 2006 at 7:22 pm

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