September 18, 2006


‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is still playing in Seattle theaters, and now Seattleites can see the star former Vice President Al Gore in person. He’ll give a presentation and discussion of the film and best-selling book at 8 p.m. Oct. 23 at Key Arena,” quoting the Seattle Times.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday [Sep. 18] ; $25-$45 (206-628-0888 and at all Ticketmaster locations).

An Inconvenient Truth made news here when Yelm Cinemas carried the film during the Ramtha School of Enlightenment Summer, 2006 Retreat and school officials reserved the theaters for private screenings for 1,200 students patronizing the local cinema, as reported in The Olympian.

Further, Mr. Gore made a presentation at New York University School of Law today and said,
“Many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several ‘tipping points’ that could – within as little as 10 years – make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet’s habitability for human civilization.” Gore proposes ending the payroll tax: “For the last fourteen years, I have advocated the elimination of all payroll taxes – including those for social security and unemployment compensation – and the replacement of that revenue in the form of pollution taxes – principally on CO2.”

September 17, 2006


Local writer Cate Montana is making news as she announces the October start-up of her new publication
The Global Intelligence. Cate is publisher and says:
“Working as a journalist with the filmmakers of the movie What the BLEEP Do We Know!? I have had the great good fortune to talk with many leaders in the Global Transformation Movement like Deepak Chopra and David Simon, John Hagelin, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and many others. As I reported on different organizations efforts, I was surprised how little information sharing there was even between groups with a similar focusThe Global Intelligencer is one small piece of the puzzle. Its mission is to serve as an information clearinghouse for topics concerning individual, social and global transformation, making it available on a monthly basis to a maximum number of people worldwide. If this appeals to you, please subscribe. Its free.”

Beyond the Ordinary says of Cate:
“From journalism into television production as a videotape editor, working up to the first female technician hired by NBC for live remote sports telecasts, and a really fun career as a freelance editor and slo-mo sports replay technician that lasted 14 years. Abandoning television, Cate worked part-time as a carpenter, while writing articles for newpapers and magazines. The search for wisdom included two husbands, a Masters Degree in Psychology, studies at Esalen Institute in California, and finally, the Ramtha School of Enlightenment from 1989 to 1998.”

The Yelm Community Blog wishes Cate well in her new endeavor- lots of fun, laughter and satisfaction!

Cate Montana
Photo from Beyond the

September 16, 2006


This posting at the request of the Yelm Real Estate Network:


Col. Johnson of the Washington National Guard spoke at a recent meeting of the Yelm Real Estate Network regarding an opportunity to help the troops that are away from their family, friends and communities. We will be sending various items to our troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan areas and will be shipping donated items to the soldiers of the Washington National Guard and also one of the Stryker Brigades. Currently the Washington National Guard has 3 units in Iraq, Afghanistan and surrounding areas. Col. Johnson spoke of the benefits to the troops’ morale when they receive items from home (apparently Starbucks coffee is one of the great favorites!) and are pleased to see our donations and community support! We can make a difference! Together with the Family Services Unit, we will be sending the items listed below. We will be accepting donations until October 19th.

Here are the drop off points in our area:

Signature Service Real Estate, 302 Binghampton St, W, Rainier (opposite Rainier Market)
Olympia Real Estate, 1110 Algiers Rd, Suite D, Yelm (near Pizza Hut)
LandAmerica Transnation, 1010 Algiers Rd NE, Yelm (near Sunbirds)
Pioneer Title Company, 525 Pear St SE, Olympia
Realty Executives, 8640 Martin Way, E, Ste A, Lacey
Versata Home Loans, 4405 7th Ave SE, Ste 100, Lacey

The items happily accepted are:

Birthday/Holiday greeting cards to send to loved ones.
Letters of encouragement
DVD movies and music CDs (old and new – no VHS tapes, please)
Holiday decorations
Phone cards
Sports equipment (softballs, mitts, soccer balls, Frisbees, footballs, etc.)
Manicure kits (nail/toe clippers, files, etc.)
Chewing gum and candies (non melting kind)
Homemade goodies (cookies and candies in Ziploc bags)
Boot inserts (D.r Schultz type, etc.)
Recent magazines and joke books and calendars (People, Sports Illustrated, etc.)
Local Newspapers (even week-old ones)
Hand sanitizer (tissues)
Dental products (toothbrushes, dental floss, etc.)
Assorted toiletries (the sample/hotel size are great)
Beef Jerky (they love seeing local meats)
Coffee (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best – again local products are the best loved)
Items unique to the local area (applets, etc.)
Back packs and purses
Games and decks of cards
Ziploc bags (quart and gallon – the sand gets in everything)
Lotions, cologne, perfumes, makeup, etc.

All donations are very much appreciated! Thank you so much for all your support!
If have any questions, please call Katie Brobeck (YREN Military Liaison)
or email

Yelm Real Estate Network

September 15, 2006


Area resident Linda Evans has been very active for over 17 years on Nisqually Valley issues. Now, she is taking on a new challenge as she moves from television and movies and onto the stage. She & her co-star Joan Collins speak about their roles in LEGENDS! and other issues with CNN’s Larry King TONIGHT.

The previously taped interview will air TONIGHT on LARRY KING LIVE at 6:00pm PDT and 9:00pm PDT and Midnight PDT on CNN.
If you missed the interview, see the transricpt here.

“‘Larry King Live’ is CNN’s longest-running interview program. Premiering in June 1985 with its now-famous mix of interviews and topical discussions, the show features guests from across the gamut of business, entertainment and politics. Across the nation and around the world, viewers have made “Larry King Live” a part of their nightly television routine. Telecast each weeknight at 9 p.m. ET, the program also features phone calls from viewers around the globe. CNN’s “Larry King Weekend” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. ET,” quoting CNN.

LEGENDS opened in Toronto on September 12th.
If you are going to be in Toronto, get your tickets here.
Checkout the offical LEGENDS! website. Turn up your volume.

Joan Collins & Linda Evans
Photo from, Toronto theater tickets site

Another Yelm-area resident, JZ Knight made news today with the opening of a second JZ Rose store in Bellevue Square.
JZ Rose, formerly The Outback Boutique [Yelm, WA.] opened in 1990 and has proven to be a unique and innovative store located in a small community in Washington State. Our exclusive and exquisite inventory has continued to draw people from all over our state. We went online in 1997, and due to the welcoming response we have received over the years, are continually expanding our unique collections available on the web. Our intent is to make available, in one place, products that add beauty and quality to our ever so busy lives,” quoting the JZ Rose site.

JZ Knight
Photo from JZK, Inc. email

September 15, 2006


Yelm area movie producer Betsy Chasse is again using her talents by creating children’s books and a website for them:

“Life is an awesome journey, and 2004 was the beginning of new adventures for me. In 2004 I gave birth to two babies. In February, What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, a film I co-created, opened in a west coast movie theater [Yelm Cinemas] and began its three year national and international release. In April, I gave birth to my most precious gift my daughter Elorathea.

I learned so much about myself while making the film. Now I continue to learn as I watch my child grow. She amazes me with her wisdom and pure joy, her endless amounts of love, and her boundless curiosity.

While traveling around the world with the release of What The Bleep!?, many parents approached me and asked what they could read or show to their children that would reflect their innate power to create. I searched high and low for books and videos with these themes, and while I found several books, I didnt find any videos.

As a result, I now have a third baby! Elora Media is taking its first steps into the world this year, presenting three delightful and inspiring new books. Soon we will be offering spiritually oriented, motivational books, videos, and music for children of all ages adults included!

Childrens minds are open and imaginative. If we journey together as unlimited creators the gateways of possibility will never close for them or us.”

Betsy’s Elora Media is offering readers of the Yelm Community Blog a 10% discount off any purchase made by October 15th, 2006. Enter coupon code SK906 at checkout.

Further, local artist Gary Craig has co-written and illustrated three new children’s books published by Elora Media that inspire and delight early readers:

I Can Be Anything – Creative Activity Book

You Can Be Anything

Where Does The Sun Go?

The Yelm Community Blog wishes Betsy and Gary much fun and success in their new endeavor.

Elora Media creator Betsy Chasse
Photo from the What The Bleep website

September 14, 2006


Due to your requests, Yelm Cinemas Manager Howard Christian has announced that the independent hit film
Who Killed The Electric Car? is coming to Yelm Cinemas on September 22.
Let’s see this film here so our local cinema will see the revenue potential with these kind of titles and bring more indy films!
Spread the word. Bring you family and friends.

“It was among the fastest, most efficient production cars ever built. It ran on electricity, produced no emissions and catapulted American technology to the forefront of the automotive industry. The lucky few who drove it never wanted to give it up. So why did General Motors crush its fleet of EV1 electric vehicles in the Arizona desert?

WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? chronicles the life and mysterious death of the GM EV1, examining its cultural and economic ripple effects and how they reverberated through the halls of government and big business,” quoting the Sony Pictures Classics synopsis.

Yelm Cinemas at twilight
Photo from the Yelm Cinemas website

September 12, 2006


This writer noticed and verified that Wilcox Farms dairy products are served on all Alaska Airlines flights out of Seattle.
This locally owned and operated Roy, WA. company has been family owned and operated since 1909.

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines flights serve such distant destinations as Orlando, Newark, Washington, D. C., Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Mexico, California, Alaska, & Canada carrying local products. You can purchase Wilcox Farms products at your local supermarket.

September 9, 2006

LATE DELIVERY by Guustaaf Damave

On September 9 Yelm celebrates it’s third annual Patriot Day. I offer the story below as a small token of my gratitude to all American Patriots.

I grew up in the Netherlands. I must have been around ten years old when we did a project at school about World War II. That evening after dinner, my father was heading for his favorite couch when all of a sudden he stopped, not sure if what he saw was really there, or if his imagination was playing tricks on him. As a fine artist, his visual sense highly acute, he saw what others might have missed. There it was on the floor, the faint outline of a swastika. To him this was the symbol of evil. He paused.

Hitler and other Nazis wearing swastikas

For the school project I had drawn and cut out a swastika and spray painted it. I hadn’t realized that an ever so slight outline had been left behind on the floor. I explained to him what had happened and his anger quickly disappeared. He sighed as he sat down and began talking, his voice slightly louder and in a tone that my many siblings and I all recognized as the beginning of a story. In the blink of an eye we all gathered around him. As the sun was setting in the background over the river Spaarne he began.

To my father telling stories came as easy as breathing and many a night we were hanging on his every word as he told about his travels to France, Spain, Greece, and many other far away places. He told us how, sometimes unable to speak the local language, he communicated with his sketch book, drawing pictures of what he wanted. Often people eagerly exchanged his drawings for the things they represented. He also told us about the time he arrived in a small village in the country side of Morocco when the people were so excited to see a foreigner that they started bringing things out from all of their houses and put together a feast right in the middle of main street. Other times he would take us along into dark and mysterious adventures that would have us yell out at the top of our voice when he impersonated the cries of a hideous monster that he had just described. Sometimes my mother told him to go a little easier on the scary stuff because my younger sisters were too afraid to turn off the light in their bed room afterwards.

This time it was different. His tone was a little more matter-of-fact. He was a little more serious. He told us about a monster that was uglier than any in his horror stories. That night I got a first hand history lesson beyond anything that I would learn from a school project. So let me retell it in my own words.

My parents: Poppe and Tine Damave around the time they got married

Shortly after my father, a fine artist, and my mother, a competitive diver and swimming instructor, got married, the Nazis invaded Holland. As foreign invaders and occupiers they ruled the country with arrogance and brutality. The only ones more hated than the Nazis were the Dutch collaborators that helped them implement their regime and hoped to gain from it. As the war went on, the Germans started rounding up the Jews to put them in concentration camps, and later they started rounding up all able bodied men to be recruited in the German army, or work in their ammunition factories. The only way to escape this was to disappear. And so my father built a false wall in his house to create a small invisible room for himself. He only left the house on moonless nights. The dark provided excellent cover because the Germans had ordered all windows to be perfectly sealed and forbade the use of street lights. This was to deny the pilots of the British bombers any navigational clues on their way from England to Germany.

Although the Germans seemed invincible, their brutality and arrogance inspired an underground uprising throughout Europe, known as the Resistance. My father became part of the Resistance using his skills as an artist to forge the ID cards that the Germans required the people to carry. He became a skilled forger using, for example a simple blue pencil to draw the German stamps. He told to us that one of his tricks was to add a faint second outline as if the stamp had bounced off the paper. The false IDs were used by people to get to freedom.

Towards the end of the war the Resistance focused on maintaining morale. One of the ways this was done was to help the people prepare for the arrival of the liberating armies, mostly American. For this purpose the Resistance created a welcome card to be handed to the friendly troops. I used one of those cards for my school project and was surprised to recently find it in a box of photographs.

The card printed by the Dutch Resistance

I thought about how the card had made the opposite journey of those American soldiers as it traveled with me from the Netherlands to the United States. How close it now was to some of those WWII heroes that it had been intended for all those years ago. It became crystal clear to me that I had to let this little card fulfill its destiny. And I knew just the guy to give it to.

Not long before, my wife Mayra and I had visited with Don and Char Miller. Don had told us then about his years in the service as a communications officer. He was stationed in the Pacific, mostly sending and receiving encrypted messages.

The author and Yelm City Councilman and WWII veteran Don Miller

By giving this card to Don, I thank all of those brave men and women that played their part in beating the Nazis, in particularly the 6000 that gave their lives liberating the Netherlands in doing so. They helped create a world where most of us are free to follow our spiritual persuasion; a world where I am free to travel to a small American country town, home of a most unusual school, to follow mine.

Guustaaf Damave

September 8, 2006


“You may have heard that YCOM Networks are becoming known as FairPoint Communications! Our Customer Sales & Service Representatives and Technicians are all the same folks you’ve known for years. Our roots continue to run deep. As FairPoint Communications, we are ensuring that we will continue to grow strong together.

You are invited to come celebrate with us! Join us in celebrating our long history and the opportunities we have to grow together. Stop by and see us at 106 2nd Street, behind our main building, in Yelm, from 12pm-4pm on Friday, September 15th. We will have FREE hot dogs and pop, fun and prizes! The first 50 people get a free tree sapling. We look forward to seeing you!” quoting their emailer.

September 7, 2006


The Nisqually Valley News printed in-full this writer’s Letter to the Editor in their September 8, 2006 edition.
The text is printed here. What do you think?

Dear Editor,

Your August 25th editorial Give City of Yelm credit for credit thats due was very timely since I did attend the August 21st Planning Commission Public Hearing for the Comprehensive Plan Update, was one of two people who commented on-record and provided a detailed written explanation of my remarks the next day to the Planning Commission & your reporter covering the hearing. My comments appear to have been the catalyst for your editorial since your reporter attended, took extensive notes and publicly announced on-record she was from the NVN, asking questions for clarification. Since there was no story printed in your paper about the Planning Hearing, your readers were given no coverage or context as to why you wrote the editorial.

I am all for giving the City of Yelm credit where credit is due, however resting on those laurels when the city is approaching a crisis with the convergence of traffic, water, flooding and quality of life issues is unwise. For example, there has not been an update of the Yelm Vision Statement of 1995 since its inception, a plan that was to be updated every 5 years.

In the Planning Hearing, I requested that the Comprehensive Plan be updated as follows:

A. All traffic studies should address that the Y3 Loop will not be operational for at least 9 years (2015), instead of the present process of including Y3 capacity to achieve compliance. The Y3 can not be used in any traffic analysis until it is operational, which is consistent with the language of the Comprehensive Plan. Even with an added center turn lane, there is still only one through traffic lane in each direction on Yelm Avenue. The turn lane adds minimal capacity on the main thoroughfare and does not improve conditions beyond level of service F. Hence, the even greater volume of traffic that will soon be generated by Wal-Mart and the new housing developments has not been truly been mitigated.

B. Incorporate a separate section dealing with shallow groundwater hazards and related flooding. The City of Yelm staff dealt with a number of high groundwater and drainage issues with last years heavy rains. These rains are showing themselves to be more frequent than originally estimated. The present approach for handling shallow groundwater rise has been totally inadequate.

C. Developer’s Impact (Mitigation) Fees are going to have to be dealt with more aggressively. The impact/mitigation fees were a good idea and I applaud the City of Yelm for embracing them in 1995. However the City was following the general trends of area jurisdictions and the process has not been updated here since that 1995 adoption. With all of the approved growth, the process does not address the introduction of additional loads in substandard Level of Service F areas. For example, a city could easily add more traffic to a Level Service A roadway, justifying one level of impact fee. However the mitigation fees need to be adjusted to be much higher when adding high volumes of traffic to current Level Service of D or F roadways (the Yelm Avenue/SR507 Corridor). I provided written details to the city planning officials and your reporter that Wal-Mart Traffic Studies had to rely on the Y3 Loop to achieve compliance with operating standards to mitigate their traffic, a Loop that does not currently exist and will not for years. The City taxpayer (not Wal-Mart) will end up paying for road widening of Yelm Hwy and continuing streets construction to accommodate Wal-Mart generated traffic, since those vehicles will have no Y3 Loop for years and be forced onto city streets. The city mitigation fees did not require Wal-Mart to cover this condition adequately.

D. A developer should pay fully for road improvements necessitated by their projects as is the case with other major jurisdictions in Thurston County, rather than allowing partial funding through a developer-requested, taxpayer-financed LID.

All of these items, plus the comments from the other speaker of record were not reported in your newspaper, subjects that will affect this city for years to come.

Thank you for allowing me to update these important details.

Steve Klein

cc: City of Yelm Planning Commission

The Editor’s response:
“The article on the planning commission hearing appeared on page A3 of the Sept. 1 edition of the Nisqually Valley News [the 2nd edition after the Monday, August 21 hearing].


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