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Yelm area movie producer Betsy Chasse is again using her talents by creating children’s books and a website for them:

“Life is an awesome journey, and 2004 was the beginning of new adventures for me. In 2004 I gave birth to two babies. In February, What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, a film I co-created, opened in a west coast movie theater [Yelm Cinemas] and began its three year national and international release. In April, I gave birth to my most precious gift my daughter Elorathea.

I learned so much about myself while making the film. Now I continue to learn as I watch my child grow. She amazes me with her wisdom and pure joy, her endless amounts of love, and her boundless curiosity.

While traveling around the world with the release of What The Bleep!?, many parents approached me and asked what they could read or show to their children that would reflect their innate power to create. I searched high and low for books and videos with these themes, and while I found several books, I didnt find any videos.

As a result, I now have a third baby! Elora Media is taking its first steps into the world this year, presenting three delightful and inspiring new books. Soon we will be offering spiritually oriented, motivational books, videos, and music for children of all ages adults included!

Childrens minds are open and imaginative. If we journey together as unlimited creators the gateways of possibility will never close for them or us.”

Betsy’s Elora Media is offering readers of the Yelm Community Blog a 10% discount off any purchase made by October 15th, 2006. Enter coupon code SK906 at checkout.

Further, local artist Gary Craig has co-written and illustrated three new children’s books published by Elora Media that inspire and delight early readers:

I Can Be Anything – Creative Activity Book

You Can Be Anything

Where Does The Sun Go?

The Yelm Community Blog wishes Betsy and Gary much fun and success in their new endeavor.

Elora Media creator Betsy Chasse
Photo from the What The Bleep website

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