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This posting at the request of the Yelm Real Estate Network:


Col. Johnson of the Washington National Guard spoke at a recent meeting of the Yelm Real Estate Network regarding an opportunity to help the troops that are away from their family, friends and communities. We will be sending various items to our troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan areas and will be shipping donated items to the soldiers of the Washington National Guard and also one of the Stryker Brigades. Currently the Washington National Guard has 3 units in Iraq, Afghanistan and surrounding areas. Col. Johnson spoke of the benefits to the troops’ morale when they receive items from home (apparently Starbucks coffee is one of the great favorites!) and are pleased to see our donations and community support! We can make a difference! Together with the Family Services Unit, we will be sending the items listed below. We will be accepting donations until October 19th.

Here are the drop off points in our area:

Signature Service Real Estate, 302 Binghampton St, W, Rainier (opposite Rainier Market)
Olympia Real Estate, 1110 Algiers Rd, Suite D, Yelm (near Pizza Hut)
LandAmerica Transnation, 1010 Algiers Rd NE, Yelm (near Sunbirds)
Pioneer Title Company, 525 Pear St SE, Olympia
Realty Executives, 8640 Martin Way, E, Ste A, Lacey
Versata Home Loans, 4405 7th Ave SE, Ste 100, Lacey

The items happily accepted are:

Birthday/Holiday greeting cards to send to loved ones.
Letters of encouragement
DVD movies and music CDs (old and new – no VHS tapes, please)
Holiday decorations
Phone cards
Sports equipment (softballs, mitts, soccer balls, Frisbees, footballs, etc.)
Manicure kits (nail/toe clippers, files, etc.)
Chewing gum and candies (non melting kind)
Homemade goodies (cookies and candies in Ziploc bags)
Boot inserts (D.r Schultz type, etc.)
Recent magazines and joke books and calendars (People, Sports Illustrated, etc.)
Local Newspapers (even week-old ones)
Hand sanitizer (tissues)
Dental products (toothbrushes, dental floss, etc.)
Assorted toiletries (the sample/hotel size are great)
Beef Jerky (they love seeing local meats)
Coffee (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best – again local products are the best loved)
Items unique to the local area (applets, etc.)
Back packs and purses
Games and decks of cards
Ziploc bags (quart and gallon – the sand gets in everything)
Lotions, cologne, perfumes, makeup, etc.

All donations are very much appreciated! Thank you so much for all your support!
If have any questions, please call Katie Brobeck (YREN Military Liaison)
or email info@signatureservice.com

Yelm Real Estate Network

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