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“A food co-op is a grocery store run by the community for the community. People who shop regularly are encouraged to become members. Members make decisions regarding all aspects of the business, including products sold. Members also enjoy purchases at a discounted price. The Yelm Food Co-op is a non-profit organization. The Yelm Food Co-op plans to carry organic products [i.e. organic turkeys offered for sale at Thanksgiving], as well as products from local farmers who use sustainable production practices.

Private businesses concentrate all of the gains and all of the risk onto one person or partnership. In contrast, a cooperative spreads
the responsibilities and benefits around.

By opening a cooperative, it is possible to create an asset for the whole community. Not only will the co-op be democratically
controlled, but also the fruits of financial success will be available to use as the members see fit. A surplus may be allocated as
dividends to members, donations for community groups, or even set aside to help open other cooperatives.

Cooperatives are part of a growing social movement towards a more democratic economy. They keep money in
the community, and make it much more difficult for business interests to come in and dominate the market. Co-ops provide a way for you and your neighbors to work together, to meet your needs and deal with issues facing your community,” quoting the Yelm Food Co-Op.

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