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With the election campaign season we all have been subject to signs on private and public property from supporters of the candidates. Businesses in Yelm operate with restrictions regarding signage including sandwich boards.

Within the last year or so, OW Dash, a used book store located on First Avenue South, had a tempestuous fight with the city of Yelm for putting a sandwich board by the curb to attract customers. She was told to stop. She then parked her car by the roadside and put the same board on the roof of her car. Eventually she desisted all together. Seeing a going out of business sign now displayed at OW Dash reminded me of her story.

I called Yelm City Hall this past week to speak to the person in charge of signage, whose name, forgive me, I never asked. I questioned him if he recollected the case of OW Dash. He didn’t respond. I informed him of the case and asked him if the two sandwich boards that I saw 45 minutes ago at the original stoplight in town belonging to Quadrant Homes [Tahoma Meadow subdivision], played by the same rules. He agreed right away they do. I added that I have seen these signs for months now scattered around town, and consistently on the corner of Yelm Highway and Longmire. Had he never seen these signs around town I questioned. He replied no. I asked if big signs on private property come under some signage limitations. He said they do if they are within city limits. I added that Yelm stands to make a lot of money for its coffers fining Quadrant Homes for all their signs scattered around the city. He said he’ll look into it.

Today I again was in town and counted four different developments whose signs are either sandwich boards or posters stapled to sticks stuck in the ground. City signage rules apply to all equally; retail, church, special events and developments. We dont have to engage such eyesores that litter our sidewalks to help Quadrant Homes or any other party with their sales campaign.

Jean Handley

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