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Right here in the Nisqaully Valley, “The Survival Center is America’s oldest continually operating preparedness business with over 33 years experience. We are providers of family preparedness, health, and survival supplies. Everything from emergency kits to food storage, water filters, first aid and medical kits, solar-powered radios, flashlights to complete under ground shelters and the new above ground and inside retro fit shelters.”

From their website:
America Prepared
It is about the Future
Obvious something serious is happening politically, economically, geologically and environmentally . How you prepare for these changes will determine your well being in the very near future. It is about the Future yours. Are You Ready?

It is our individual responsibility to get ready and be prepared for any emergency that may come our way. We have already seen that no group or agency is standing by to come and “save” us

One by One We Can Be Prepared America
Let’s Do It!
This web site contains a wealth of information.
Please take advantage of it and help yourself to prepare.

We have the Knowledge and Experience to assist you in preparing for most any emergency that may come your way. Here is how to contact us.

The Survival Center
Providers of Family Preparedness,
Health, & Survival Supplies
Voice 1-360-458-6778 Mon.- Fri.
10 am – 6 pm PT.
e-mail us at info@survivalcenter.com
19223 Cook Rd.,
1.5 miles down Cook Rd. past Western Airpark, Yelm.

Listed here are a few of the popular pages within our web site:
Emergency Food Kits, 72 Hour Kits, Food Storage Kits, Hurricane Kits,
Tornado Kits, Emergency Medical Kits, 6 1/2 Day Candles and much more

“This is an Emergency Preparedness Manual [Basic Preparedness] that teaches the reader How To prepare for most anything that threatens their Survival. The idea of preparedness is spreading rapidly among those waking up to the reality of today’s chaotic economic, geologic, political and environmental climate. There are many reference books available that deal with specific areas of preparedness for an uncertain future. That’s the problem. There are too many books. Most of us are busy, and reading time is precious, this is why Basic Preparedness was written. This one book covers the 4 basics plus more. The first Four Basics for successful survival are FOOD, WATER, MEDICAL AND SHELTER. This How To book addresses all of these needs in the first four chapters with easy to understand, simple instructions.

The Survival Center Catalog – 56 pages of Family preparedness and Survival Supplies. 1000s of items. Use in conjunction with our web site, this shopping cart, and the book “Basic Preparedness”. $2.00 USA only. ( Most USA catalogs also come with additional bonus items, a $10.00 gift Certificate, information etc. )”
Ed. Note: This writer now has a catalog!

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