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The approved LID for Yelm Ave. West will start construction as quoted from the City of Yelm website:

History of the Project

The developers of the Tahoma Terra Master Planned Community in summer of 2005 petitioned the City to form a Local Improvement District in order to construct the street improvements that were required as part of the Master Planned Community approval process (the construction of Tahoma Boulevard and the placement of a traffic signal at its intersection with Yelm Avenue West (SR 510).

Project Description

The Yelm Avenue West project involves improvements on Yelm Avenue West (SR 510) between 93rd Avenue SE and Cullens Road SE, on Killion Road from Yelm Avenue West (SR 510) to the proposed SR 510 Loop Road, and construction of a new roadway, Tahoma Boulevard, which will extend from Yelm Avenue West (SR 510) southwest to Berry Valley Road. Improvements involve an intersection realignment and traffic signal for Killion Road and Yelm Avenue West, roadway widening, and utility upgrades.

Project Benefits

Increased safety: The most valuable project outcomes will result from relieving traffic congestion and widening the roadway to include bicycle and pedestrian facilities, turn-lanes, and a traffic signal. Addressing these infrastructure needs will increase public safety.

Reduced traffic congestion: Widening the roadway will facilitate traffic flow. Turn lanes removing vehicles from thru-lanes will reduce traffic backups. Reducing backups will also reduce the potential for rear-end collisions.

Cost effective: Addressing these needs comprehensively saves time and money, as well as the inconvenience to travelers, businesses and residents of constructing the various road and utility elements independently.

Improved Aesthetics: This project will create a new entrance/gateway to Yelm.

Project Schedule

* Construction begins: After Thanksgiving 2006 (more)
* Construction begins: After Thanksgiving 2006
* Construction completion expected: Late 2007 to Early 2008
* Initial construction will primarily take place off the traveled
roadway as Tahoma Boulevard is new construction.

Ed. Note: Just as the same construction has assisted Yelm Ave. East with flow, this does not add any additional capacity. There is still one lane in and one lane out of Yelm. Yelm Ave. East is backed up from 5 Corners past the Safeway most afternoons and down back down the other side of that light coming into town. And this City Council approved this LID to finance the Tahoma Terra & Thurston Highlands entrance/egress on the backs of the property owners along the route through property taxes. Yikes!
And, the city will have to return within a few years to widen this same stretch to 5 lanes to handle the additional traffic volumes from 1,800 new home in this subdivision and a Super Wal-Mart. Poor planning & disingenuous to the
affected property owners!

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