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The Yelm Community Blog entry for November 29th was prophetic in highlighting the services of “The Survival Center… America’s oldest continually operating preparedness business with over 33 years experience. We are providers of family preparedness, health, and survival supplies. Everything from emergency kits to food storage, water filters, first aid and medical kits, solar-powered radios, flashlights to complete under ground shelters and the new above ground and inside retro fit shelters.”

Quoting the Survival Center’s newsletter,
“Here at The Survival Center we practice what we tell others to do. We have a back up generator that runs most of our complex. We heat with wood. We have our own well that has been wired so the pump is able to run off the generator. We can even heat water for whatever we need it for…Our 6 1/2 day candles light the way when we turn off the generator. Our Solar/Dynamo powered AM/FM radio flashlights not only provide portable light but we can listen to the radio for any emergency or weather updates.

Today Friday, 12/15/06, here at The Survival Center we were fully functional and talked to many customers though- out the USA. We took orders and processed them for shipment ..
This is exactly one of those scenario’s we have been telling people to prepare for, for years. It really does not take much to disrupt our fragile infrastructure. If one has a major discontinuous event in their area and everything is shut down with nothing coming in or going ou,t how are your going to do??
Around here, with so many trees, many power lines get broken and also the roads are blocked. We have reports that in a few areas, some people are already starting to panic. Gas lines are long with only a few gas stations having power.
With our new Car Survival Kit and 72 hour emergency kits, one can start to be prepared.
And, our 3 Day emergency kits, too.”


The Survival Center
Providers of Family Preparedness,
Health, & Survival Supplies
Voice 1-360-458-6778 Mon.- Fri.
10 am – 6 pm PT.
Mail: The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna Wa 98558
e-mail us at info@survivalcenter.com

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  1. Hello Steve:
    I am a new RSE student and have been looking for news of your conditions with the power outage. While I do look forward to hearing Ramtha’s Christmas address, I am also looking for news that you are all well. I am moving in June so now know to head to the survival center, “straight-away!”
    Melody-Los Angeles

    Comment by melody on December 16, 2006 at 12:39 pm

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