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Glacier water from Mt. Rainier is the finest drinking water on earth!

Serac is Pure Glacial Milk. Natural Glacial Water Mineral Supplement from Mt. Rainier.

Serac is produced in limited quantities only during Mr. Rainiers brief summer months when glacier movement grinds the rich mineral bedrock into a fine powder which produces mineral colloids. This fine colloidal mineral flour then mixes with the melted glacial water to produce Glacial Milk.

The health benefits of drinking Serac include the superior assimilation of essential minerals into the body. Glacial Milk is linked to extraordinary long life, health and virility.

Virtually all of the bottled water sold in the world is drawn from either municipal water supplies (river, surface reservoir or tap water) or from underground water sources (well water or spring water) all exposed to varying degrees of contamination through contact with environmental or underground pollutants and chemicals.

Towering at 14,411 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier supports one of the worlds largest single peak glacial systems. It has over 35 square miles of ice with 26 named glaciers and numerous unnamed ice fields. The Carbon Glacier is the largest glacier on Mount Rainier and the source for our glacier water. This massive glacier, with ice over 700 feet thick and 3.5 miles long, contains more ice volume than any glacier in the continental United States.

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