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The NVN reports, “Yelm Police Department can’t patrol the Yelm-to-Tenino trail head all night long.

Thanks to a state of the art digital surveillance camera now mounted at the site, however, police do have a pretty good idea what’s happening there, 24 hours a day.

Two weeks ago, the City of Yelm installed remote digital cameras at the trail head and the Yelm skate park, with the intention of keeping an eye peeled for vandalism and other crimes.

More cameras are planned for other locations in the city, and Stancil said the police department hopes to link up with the surveillance cameras planned for the new Yelm Wal-Mart.”

[Ed. Note: HMMM! What kind of crime is happening on a trail head next to where the Mayor & his family live in his mother’s house that requires a camera? The newspaper reports it is a staging area for potential crimes quoting, “The trail head and skate park are the demonstration areas for new cameras simply because they are busy.” Joggers beware, you are on camera in little ole Yelm! HMMM! Look for more cameras to come. Small-town Yelm is now history.]

As predicted, this city keeps adding more developments and crime is going to go up.
The NVN reported in its January 26th edition, “As the City of Yelm grows, so does the rime rate.”

And in Lacey, drivers beware:
“Two intersections in this city will become the first locations in Thurston County where cameras will document motorists who run red lights. Olympia and Tumwater might not be far behind. A Lacey City Council committee has authorized Police Chief Dusty Pierpoint to start the enforcement program. Pierpoint said he’d like the program up and running by July with cameras monitoring two intersections – likely Sleater-Kinney Road and Pacific Avenue, and Martin Way and Marvin Road…
Supporters say the cameras do reduce the number of collisions caused by red-light running. Critics counter the devices serve as a revenue stream for cities and insurance companies, which can jack up the premiums of red-light scofflaws caught on film,” quoting The Olympian.

If that isn’t enough, download Google Earth and see the views of your property from the air — public for all to see.

There is NO privacy left in the “land of the free.”

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