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1. “Greg Simmons is President of Mulai de Guise Publishing and the author of “These Things You Shall Do, and Greater” to be released in January 2007. His web site is dedicated to understanding the correlation between ancient wisdom and modern science.
Greg moved to the Pacific Northwest to be near Ramthas School of Enlightenment. He has been a student for twenty-five years, the marketing director for eighteen years, and Ramthas first appointed teacher for the past nine years. He has had the privilege to teach thousands of students in over twenty different foreign countries. Currently he is featured every month on www.beyondtheordinary.net Webcast radio program,” quoting Mr. Simmons’ website.
Mr. Simmons’ monthly newletter “The Physics of Change” can be accessed here.

2. I am a Woman, I am a God (not for women only) is the title of a new book by Louise Oliverio. “I am a Woman, I am a God, (not for women only) puts forth an understanding with respect to causes relating to the oppression and suppression of women, its affect on the self-empowerment, evolution and women’s relationship to God. The book allows a place for men facing some of the same issues along with humanity at large.

What surprises the reader is religion’s role in the oppression and suppression of women.

Another surprise is that quantum physics science has come to the point of understanding that reality is created by thought – our thoughts both personal and collective. It is not gender specific but includes all.

My short book can be understood by all. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand what is being put forth,” quoitng Ms. Oliveriuo’s website.

3. “Evolve Your Brain, The Science of Changing Your Mind” is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book on what he has learned from his experiences, chiropractic practice and being a sudent in Ramtha’s School. Listen to Dr. Dispenza’s radio interview on Evolving Ideas with Elaine Smitha from January 16, 2007.

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