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Just published on the Earthfiles website is this story [scroll to #10]:

“10) Yelm, Washington – January 22, 2007 at 2:45 p.m. Pacific –

I am a listener of Coast to Coast, and heard you on the program
Friday night, Jan. 26th.

My name is — and on 1-22-07, I had an experience that I can’t quite
believe myself yet. It was about 2:45 PM in the afternoon. I was on
the roof of a construction site in a town known as Yelm in Washington
state, about a 30 Min. drive east of Tacoma.

While I was on this roof of a Walmart, inspecting a roof, I caught
something in the sky out of the corner of my eye. We are about 15 min
south of McChord AFB. So I thought nothing of it and went on with my
work. This was a little strange though because I realized that there
wasn’t an engine or any noise coming from what I had caught. I looked
back up to see what it was, and that was when I caught the image of a
craft, wasn’t really a saucer, but was round. Almost spherical. That
was when it passed through a cloud and stopped just as it penetrated
the side facing south.

That was the side I was on, but it seemed to be right above McChord
AFB. This caught me off guard cause as it started to penetrate out of
the cloud, the cloud and the craft both stopped the north easterly
movement that the clouds where moving in. It was a silverish color,
almost the color of non-polished aluminum. This craft stayed in this
cloud for about 10 min, and then promptly pulled back into the cloud.
Directly after the craft pulled into the cloud, was when I noticed
what looked like a tunnel forming in the cloud. The tunnel then just
disappeared and the cloud returned to its normal wind drift…

I’ve seen these men twice since the incident, and none of us can remember a thing about the time that is missing -except that we all get an overwhelming feeling of scaredness, or overwhelming feeling of impending doom. All 5 of us also hear this female voice that says 2011, over and over again throughout the day, each day since it happened. The feeling of overwhelming doom is so strong that it makes me want to cry.

I get shivers, and feel like you would if you where looking down the barrel of a gun.

It’s a very strong intense feeling.”

Click the hotlink above for the full story.

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