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“A message from The Nature Conservancy of Washington

Ask your Commissioners to preserve Thurston County’s rural heritage

As you may know, Thurston County has been engaged in a rather lengthy planning process regarding the rules for managing designated rural residential lands. This effort has in large been a response to a law suit challenging them to be more protective and not over-develop. The county instituted a temporary moratorium on new subdivisions on its rural lands, and initiated a process that included meetings, public hearings and comment periods. Plan iterations have bounced back and forth between the County Commissioners and the Planning Commission. Perhaps you participated in some of this.

Your Thurston County Commissioners are now considering the final two rule options for rural residential land rules. This is a good time to contact them with your thoughts.
The Nature Conservancy urges the protection of Thurston County’s rural legacy. The Conservancy works with private landowners, Fort Lewis and many volunteers and other partners to restore and preserve habitat in Thurston County. We believe it is appropriate for the county to restrict development of rural lands in order to protect wildlife habitat, water quality and working rural landscapes.

Please write or call your Commissioners and ask them to choose the most restrictive option they can to protect Thurston County’s rural lands.

To send comments to Commissioners Wolfe, Oberquell and MacLeod, visit their Web site
Or call 360-786-5440 to leave a message or set up an appointment to meet with them.”

Nature Conservancy of Washington

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