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Introducing a new website for the Yelm communityand the world by engineer Ed Wiltsie.
Mr. Wiltsie has now provided a website with knowledge he has presented in public seminars and some to the Yelm City Council. Quoting Mr. Wiltise’s site:


As no one is actually fully objective in their observation and interpretation of our world and reality, it is important to engage the real experience. Part of this process is to be introduced to new ideas and then pursue them and to add to personal understanding through exchange with other minds.

The purpose of this web site is to introduce science concepts and information from a slightly different perspective and relate experiences.


Over the past 12 years, the author has delivered a series of General Science and Earth Science talks and has published several text, audio and video documents for use and enjoyment by a very specific audience and were not recorded or released to the general public. Conditions on our planet today and scientific information released is clearly confirming the truth of the information presented and context in which they were released. As such, the author has elected to offer these items to the general public in an effort to increase general public awareness and understanding. This process is greatly assisted by the availability of the Internet.

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