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Red & Yellow areas are upcoming fire levy voting precincts
Photo courtesy of SE Thurston Fire/EMS, used with permission

The once-rejected SE Thurston Fire/EMS Levy, which encompasses and area from Four Corners to Lawrence Lake, to Vail Loop to Rainier and out to MacIntosh Lake is again on the ballot for voters within that district and set for May 15, 2007.

This levy is vital for this area just to maintain response time when calling in an emergency. There has been a 27% increase in call volume for emergency services in just 6 years.

If this levy fails, then call response time will decrease in emergencies due to lack of staffing.

Bottom line:
“S.E.Thurston Fire/EMS serves the Thurston County areas of Yelm, Rainier and Bald Hill which encompases an area of 105 square miles. Last year we responded to 3031 unique calls from ONE station. This is more calls than most other Fire Districts ran from any ONE of their stations. Our calls have been growing each of the last 4 years and we expect them to increase greatly in the next few years. Our area is growing rapidly with over 5000 new homes planned in the very near future. Since State law limits our budget growth to one percent a year we will definitely need the help of our voters in order to maintain our levy rate of $1.50. This is necessary so that we can acquire more response personnel to handle the increased call load,” quoting the SE Thurston Fire site.

See co-chief Hutcheson’s “Important Message.”

Please educate yourself on the ramifications of this vote and spead the word!

If you have any questions, our co-chiefs are always available: please contact Chief Hutcheson or Chief King at 360-458-2799
Yelm Fire
Rainier Fire
Bald Hills Fire

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