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“The wailing siren. The flashing lights. The sense of impending doom. Is this bringing back unpleasant memories? Sorry about that. If youve ever been pulled over by a police officer and experienced that sudden panic over how to conduct yourself, youre likely to find this column useful. And if you ever get a ticket at some point down the road, the tips provided here can help you avoid increases in your auto insurance premiums for years to come.

1. Dont try anything funny.
2. Turn your vehicle into a blab-free zone.
3. Can I get a warning?
4. Resist throwing in the towel.
5. Consider traffic school.
6. You can go to court.
7. Think about how to plead.
8. Think about how to defend yourself.
9. Track down the officers notes.
10. Show up prepared,”
quoting MSNBC.

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