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Cell Phone Tower
Photo courtesy of Yelm-based photographer Guustaaf Damave

The Clearwood Association office has advised that the installation of a cell phone tower in the community was the only topic up for discussion at the May 19th meeting. Only members can make a comment at this session.

If you or someone you know lives in Clearwood, encourage them to attend the meeting to make their voices heard.
If they are unable to attend the meeting, a letter or email as a community resident would be beneficial.

That being said, of course, the broadcasting of frequencies from a cell phone tower in the Bald Hills would effect those living around the Clearwood Community, so if you would like to express your views, Connie Sheehan maintains the Clearwood Community Association website.
Her email address is: ConnieS@ywave.com
Clearwood’s Board President is Ron Smith.

A resident reports, “I just spoke with Ron & he said that the Board pursued this possibility due to safety issues — accidents on Bald Hills Rd & not able to make a phone call, injuries on the trails & not able to call, etc. The cell tower issue is not on the Board agenda for this Saturday. The voting will occur by mail, probably in June & the results should be out in August.”

[Ed. Note: Why on Earth these owners would want their pristine environment in which they invested invaded by a cell phone tower is beyond me. Is the loss of their protected community’s culture worth the so-called convenience of cell phones ringing by the lake or on summer walks – not to mention the frequencies affecting all around?
Ignorance IS bliss! Is some multi-national company throwing a boatload of money at the Clearwood Assn. that this even gets on the docket? With all of the homes in Clearwood with land line phones, the argument about safety just does not hold water, IMHO. ]

“Located on Bald Hill Road, 10 miles South East of Yelm, Thurston County, Washington.
Clearwood is a lakeside residential community nestled around three lakes.
This uniquely private, gated community is set in 900 forested acres against a backdrop
of rolling hills including Bald Hill and Mount Rainier.”

The informational meeting is listed here.
12 noon at Reichel.

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  1. One would wonder what is the real opposition to the cell tower in Clearwood? Could it be the “energy” involved thwarting the alleged “channeling” efforts of JZ Kinght?

    There are grey areas here that need to be explained before your arguments can be believable.

    Comment by Margie Brinkley on April 25, 2007 at 2:08 pm

  2. Science has already proved that being in proximity to the frequencies emitted by cell phone towers are dangerous to brain and body tissue. There are NO grey areas in that. Hundreds of reports in respected journals support such findings. Much of the public has ignored this research, fighting for their arguments to have a convenience over the science.
    Here is just one such report:

    The same debate raged on about the dangers of cigarettes, that went unheeded until the overwhelming science and a whistle blower decreed these were drug delivery devices for nicotine and the cause a major health issues for the user.
    And many other dangerous products have now been unveiled amidst the truth being revealed.
    Do you want your children’s brains, much less your own or your neighbor’s, exposed to the harmful frequencies emitted
    from these towers? Let one in tower and how many more will follow?

    Comment by Steve Klein on April 25, 2007 at 5:41 pm

  3. These cell towers do not create frequencies. The frequencies exist, period. We only use these frequencies to broadcast information. If folks continue to argue that there is a danger, we need to discontinue the use of satellite and over the air television services and radio station transmissions. These transmissions are everywhere, and if you are worried you will be affected, you need to start wearing a tin-foil suit to deflect these allegedly harmful frequencies. Many people, me included, use cordless telephones. When we have these frequent power outages our cordless phones are useless. You say plug in a corded phone. I don’t want too. Also, I am on call 24/7, everyday, unless I take leave. If I am away from my land line enjoying Clearwood, I can not be reached. A cell tower in the Clearwood area is just the ticket. The Clearwood community is also faced with upcoming operational expenses that will cause association members to fork over about another $100-200 yearly. This cell tower can help off-set the costs. And, the tower will also benefit people outside the fence as well. Don’t be afraid of technology, embrace it, and use it to your advantage. Also, to those folks who believe everything on a web site and in the media, the earth is flat, and the moon is made of green cheese, Al Gore is right about global warming, and automobile exhaust is really what killed the dinosaurs.

    Comment by Tim Reasoner on April 27, 2007 at 8:55 pm

  4. Obviously, Mr. Reasoner knows little about frequencies or the difference between the effects of radio waves vs. microwaves (cell towers) on human tissue.
    Further, why is there proven scientific data suggesting people keep cell phones away from their brain and use a headset connected to the phone, instead? It’s the transmitting frequency in the cell phone that affects the brain. A cell tower emits that much more!
    And, cordless phones have become just as harmful as their freqencies increase for more range.
    Do not take my word for it, just Google this topic for scores of documented scientific reports.

    Comment by Steve Klein on April 28, 2007 at 7:45 am

  5. Has anyone asked, as to where they are CONSIDERING putting this cell tower?
    Does a few feet away from a playground, swimming pool and beach disturb anyone? Frequencies are much more efficient, when bounced off of water!
    Will we see the children looking at the fence surrounding the tower, thinking that it is just part of the playground equiptment.
    The shoreline view from the other side of the lake, ought to make it a selling point?
    The cell tower being practically in some residents “back yards”!
    Near greenbelts? Wetlands? Where Eagles fly, and other large birds stop during migration?
    Where deer bed down at night?
    The humming of the panels traveling several hundreds of yards! I guess some could consider it as white noise, for sleep.
    Or trying to have a quiet moment on one of our beautiful trails?
    The FCC has NOT made a difinitive answer as to whether the frequencies are harmful or not.
    THEY have left it up to communities, and other agencies as to whether they might be harmful. Of these agencies, I find as many are saying they are OK, as are those that say they are harmful.
    Some people can receive there cell phone calls out in Clearwood, though not very many.
    This is what we give up, in order to enjoy all of the other beautiful gifts that are afforded to us out here.

    Comment by Susan Christensen on May 1, 2007 at 8:36 pm

  6. It’s not hard for one to imagine the demise of the Clearwood Community Association if a cellular phone tower is placed in Clearwood. Rightfully so, those home owners who have suffered financial loss due to depreciation of their home and lot value, will look to the Clearwood Community Association to be made finacially well. Anyone in a fiduciary/stewardship relationship, ie: board members, may be held financially responsible. The board of directors are not released from their fiduciary/stewardship responsibilities simp-ley because a majority of residents would like to have a cellular phone tower.

    Comment by Bill Payne on May 3, 2007 at 4:56 pm

  7. Oh for gawds sakes, get a life! Isn’t it amazing that cell phone towers in town don’t cause you any alarm, but heaven forbid that we have any contact with the outside world here in Clearwood. Windstorms and power outages here, which we have pretty regularly, take out our phones. If I get in a wreck between here and halfway to Yelm, and happen to go off the road where my car isn’t visible, there is no way for me to call for help, because “no cell phone coverage.” So, I’m assuming since you’re so against a tower here, you don’t own a cell phone, do you? Bet ya do! Bet you own a microwave too.
    I’ve heard that the local nutcase, Ms J.Z, feels it interferes with her channeling. It appears that whatever type of entity she’s dealing with is pretty pathetic. My God can hear me just fine cell tower or not!

    Comment by Nancy B on June 23, 2010 at 1:43 pm

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