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More than 100 Haitians are awaiting a final decision about their future after they reached the Florida shore at Hallandale Beach [near Miami] on Wednesday [March 28]. NBC 6’s cameras were rolling Thursday morning as nearly a dozen Haitian refugees were loaded into a Department of Homeland Security van and taken to area detention centers,” quoting Miami’s WTVJ-TV.

[Ed. Note: My parents awoke to a lot of commotion on the beach from hovering helicopters and looked out their condo to see this boatload of people not far away. My question is how this boat got all the way to the shores of South Florida and inside our coastal waters without detection until being beached 20 miles north of Miami? Are we spending too much money on search and seizure taking away liquid carry-ons of our own people at this nations airports and not enough on the Coast Guard and other border services? Further, what happened to America? Here these people risked life & limb to escape some of the worlds worst poverty and a life with no hope for a jewel in the distant, shining the light of promise. How could we, as a nation allow these people to be sent back to the bastion of human indecencies in Haiti for what will assuredly be a worst hell for them than they left? Except for the native American Indian, all of us in the United States are here because our ancestors braved not-to-dissimilar risks for a better life, the very foundation of this nations greatness a as melting pot. How can we graciously open our arms and welcome Cubans to stay here who make a much shorter journey to these shores under identical circumstances and yet send these Haitian folks back? While this story gets NO play in the media, they languor in a Miami area detention center. This is not about the politics of our immigration policies or border patrol. This is about what all of us have allowed America to become today. What a hypocrisy & a disgrace! I say let them in and welcomed as heros for the bravery they garnered to do this! They deserve no less…What say you?]

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