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The game of football can be seen as our own life.
There is a ball, a coach, an opposing Team and your own team members.

Then there is a goal line.
If this game is our life,
then the goal line must be the end of our lives.

So what is going on in this game?

We could see it this way:
First the players (us) suit up.
The principle item in this equipment is a very strong helmet.
First and foremost we are protecting our brain.
In this game of life, how do we protect our brains as if it is the most important part of our physicality?

(1) We see that it gets prime nutrients for optimum operation.
(2) We do not take in any substance that would kill our brain cells.
(3) We are now aware we are responsible for the development of our
own intellect. Hence we use the brain to house the best knowledge
out there, according to our interests. With this fully operational
brain, we are now ready to play the game of life.

We have a coach who has a plan on how to reach the goal line with
the ball intact. We believe he can take us into the playoffs, he is
that good! When the opposition gets tough, he regroups us with a
plan to overcome that. This coach can be seen as our accumulated
knowledge and experience.

We have a ball, (made, by the way, of a once living substance)
and we hold this ball close to our chest. There is a ball of energy and
light in our chest area. We call it our soul and its job is to
record our life. We give attention to this soul so as to arrive at
the end of our life with the best recording possible.

What are our team players?
They are not so much other people, though that could factor in there.
Let’s call them our intellect, our senses, our intuition (often called our sixth sense).
Perhaps too, our inspiration, what inspires us to greatness, to reach the goal
line unencumbered with only the ball held close to our Chest.

We are aware there are foul lines where we have been sidetracked
into doing things that will not get us to the goal line in the best
condition. But we do have a conscious that gets us back on track.

And what of the opposing team? They are our attitudes; doubt, fear,
guilt, lack are a few of these. But getting back up, resilience is
an important part of this game of life. We have been taught well by
our coach (knowledge and experience) and, we carry on, hopefully

When we retire these opposing attitudes we are no longer burdened by
the onslaught of that opposing team, and we reach the end of our
life with a great celebration of our accomplishments, with a
ticker-tape parade in our honor.

This game of life has been worth the great effort we have put into it.

There have even been times when we had that rare opportunity to kick
the ball, that is to say, to take a quantum leap forward!
To a great life, well lived.!

Delores Crowell
Ms. Crowell resides in Yelm, Washington
and is a student in Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

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