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Yelm area resident Midnightblue Auld
Photo courtesy of Joe Lambert

Area resident Midnightblue Auld, Miss Thurston Countys Outstanding Teen 2007 is a candidate for Miss Washingtons Outstanding Teen 2007,
competing May 26th-27th. This is a scholarship pageant and is the teen version of the Miss Washington and Miss America pageants.

Miss Auld states in her resume,
Why I should be Miss Washingtons Outstanding Teen 2007: I should be Miss Washingtons Outstanding Teen 2007 because I am eager to take on the leadership role and I see it as an opportunity to give of myself to others. I have the leadership, drive and communication skills necessary and am a good role model for todays teens. My many leadership skills will afford me the opportunity to create awareness of the difference empowering women would make. The slogan She has the power to change the world you have the power to help her do it! should be known by all. I am confident that I will be one heck of an outstanding teen.

Midnightblue’s platform is as follows:
Empowering Women through Care.org
(Answer the following three questions)
Clearly define the Platform Issue to which you are sincerely committed and for
which you will be an activist during your year of service as Miss Washingtons
Outstanding Teen.

My Platform Issue is empowering women through Care.org. I will bring awareness to the fact that women have the ability to create lasting change in their communities and the world. I will advocate that we help meet the needs of less fortunate people around the world by helping women help themselves.

What, if any, are your most significant accomplishments to date concerning
your platform issue?

I have received a Power Pack from Care.org to help me to educate others with brochures and videos. I have also started talking to others about the talent show I hope to put on in my community.

Specifically, what do you wish to accomplish during your year of service as an
activist for your platform at the local and state levels?

During my year of service, one of my main goals is to organize a talent show in my community with all the proceeds going to Care.org. This will not only help financially, but it will also expose others to Care.org and will hopefully help me in getting people interested in supporting in other ways. I would also like to become a volunteer with CARE Corps Online and start my own web page to let others know about CAREs live-saving work. Another thing I would like to accomplish is running a promotional booth during Yelms Prairie Days Weekend.

As Miss Washingtons Outstanding Teen, how would you promote and market your
Platform Issue?

As Miss Washingtons Outstanding Teen I would like to promote my platform through public speaking and passing on Care.orgs message through brochures and videos. In the fall of 2007 when I am a full time college student I will have the opportunity to start my own club on this issue.

CONGRATULATIONS Midnightblue and best wishes in your next test!

So many of us remember that sweet little girl in her cute dresses giving the exit announcments at the Drew Harvey Theater. We are so proud of the lady you have grown into…

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