June 14, 2007


Photo courtesy of Guustaaf Damave Photography

All four of the incumbant Yelm City Council members up for election will run unopposed for their term this Fall for their seats.
“For Yelm City Council, incumbents Don Miller, John Thompson, Joe Baker and Russ Hendrickson filed early in the week.

Thompson and Hendrickson were appointed by Yelm City Council when council expanded from five to seven members in 2006,” quoting the June 8 Nisqually Valley News.

Mayor Ron Harding issued a Proclamation on Tuesday, June 12 announcing that June 28 – July 1 will be Prairie Days in Yelm, calling this period “a signature celebration for our community.”

The City Council was told Yelm’s Wal-Mart will open July 18.

June 13, 2007


Photo courtesy of Elie Jewelry

Jewelers of America (JA) is the national association for the retail jeweler. JA is both a center of knowledge for the jeweler and an advocate for professionalism and high social, ethical, and environmental standards in the jewelry trade,” quoting the Jewelers of America website.

JA’s Regional Affiliate, The Pacific NW Jewelers Association which represents retail jewelers in Washington & Alaska has announced that Yelm’s Margarette Elie Jewelry Design as one of three leading designers in their annual Design Competition. The award came during the Pacific Northwest Jewelers annual Learning Seminar and Design Contest March 11, 2007.


June 13, 2007


Thurston Highlands Logo
Photo from Thurston Highlands website


June 12, 2007


Business Examiner
Photo from Pierce County Business Examiner website

The Monday, June 11, 2007 Pierce County Business Examiner ran an in-depth section all about Yelm and the growth here.
Researched and well-written by Hilary Maynard, her stories examine the “up-side” to all of this growth.
Ms. Maynard called this writer for comments that were quoted below and asked if she could call again for follow-up about issues facing the city and area because of all of thie city-approved unbridled growth.
[Ed. Note: I do hope to see those issues covered in a not-too-distant Business Examiner to provide a balanced report.]

These full articles are available for $1.00 each online:

A. Growth has yet to slow in Yelm
“The Pride of the Prairie is fast becoming the pride of the state. Although Yelm is already among the fastest-growing cities in the state, Community Development Director Grant Beck said he doesnt see the citys residential boom slowing anytime soon. And he expects retail to follow, making the city a residential shopping destination and keeping retail tax dollars in the northeastern Thurston County city, as opposed to handing them to another fast-growing city: Lacey.”

B. Downtown growth reflects changes for Yelm
“And as the citys population continues to grow, theater owner Margaret Clapp said she expects that more businesses traditionally found in larger cities will locate in the rural Thurston County community.

She said that in the more than six years since the opening, business in Yelm has grown slowly, but steadily. As a result, downtown businesses have become more plentiful and more inventive. Although Clapp said she has mixed feelings about the Wal-Mart store currently under construction on the east side of town, she concedes that her theater loses many customers to Lacey mega-retailers.

‘Im sorry in some ways to lose some of the innocence of a small town. It takes that special edge off, but Im curious to see if that will happen,’ Clapp said.

Community advocate and avid blogger Steve Klein said that while many business owners have acknowledged the positive side of Wal-Marts Yelm location, a healthy opposition still exists, made up mostly of residents living outside the city limits.

Klein, who ran for mayor in Yelm two years ago, keeps city officials on their toes attending council meetings, requesting documents and blogging, in an effort, he said, to make Yelm the best community it can be. Although he acknowledged there are several governmental issues he is currently fighting, Klein said he cannot fault the generosity and pluck of the citys business community.

What is amazing here is the number of small businesses that participate in the Yelm Chamber of Commerce,’ Klein said. Members of the business community here are givers. Its very impressive that a small town like this gives so much to its student and adult community.’

Across the highway from Yelm Cinemas, Michelle Jones and Cozette Fyrst have spent several years cultivating a customer base for their company, The Blue Bottle Espresso. Armed with the knowledge that coffee stands are a dime a dozen, even in rural communities, the previous owners innovative approach led Jones and Fyrst to buy the cafe and make it their own

C. Yelm becomes haven for tech businesses
While the South Sounds major cities have proven to be a haven for high-tech businesses since the dot-com boom of the 1990s, a smattering of businesses specializing in Internet and other Web-based services have chosen Yelm and many other rural communities as home.

June 11, 2007


Louise Oliverio
Photo courtesy Stephany Ray Photography

Louise Oliverio, who has been Thurston County Democrats’ Precinct Committee Officer Proxy (PCO Proxy) in Yelm for Tim Lancaster over the last year, was recently confirmed as Yelm’s newest PCO when the boundary lines for Precincts in the area were changed last month, and Tim Lancaster found himself no longer a resident within the boundary of Precinct 702 #2.

Louise Oliverio is a dynamic local author, mother of 3, and grandmother of 4. She has lived in the Yelm area for 18 years.

Louise has been an involved political action volunteer for years in both Yelm City and Thurston County, giving her time to support the Nisqually Land Trust, and attend and participate in the Thurston County Democrats’ various events, including Lakefair Burger Booth, in addition to her volunteer work and support of former Candidate JeanMarie Christenson in her ’06 campaign for State Representative.

Some of Louise’s primary duties as PCO will include:
– hold precinct caucuses at certain selected times for the purpose of adopting resolutions and selecting delegates to legislative,
– county and state conventions,
– encourage the voters in her Precinct to register,
– getting the voters out in the Yelm area for both the ’07 and ’08 voting seasons,
– and support local Democratic candidates win their elections.

In that regard, expect to be hearing from Louise with the continuing call to let your voice be heard. Louise intends to hold local get-together’s to give all who wish a chance to voice their wants and needs as it relates to the Democratic Party issues and policies. This will also help her to get to know her Precinct neighbors, and helps to make sure everyone is registered to vote in Precinct 702 #2, and an opportunity to participate and let their voices heard.

Congratulations on your appointment, Louise.
I, along with the Thurston County Democrats applaud your confirmation,
and look forward to working with you as we go forward into the ’07 and ’08 election cycles.

JeanMarie Christenson
1st Vice Chair, LD2

June 10, 2007


Children at Rainier’s Day Camp for Kids
Photos courtesy of Karen Murphy-Beers


Two, week-long day camps offered in Rainier ~for ages 5-15 (ALSO DAY CAMP, EVERY TUESDAY, BEGINNING JUNE 12TH ALL SUMMER! see below)
~Engaging Body, Mind & Spirit through Nature & Play~
* DRUMMING & drum making (includes 10 drum to keep)
* WEAVING – community project-on a loom & individual projectsNavajo style *arts & crafts *campfires * Nature learning *writing our camp song, *volleyball *Badminton
*STORY-TELLING * Loving dogs *beautiful birds *snow cones *labyrinth *TIPI *hammocks
*ARCHERY * fairy house building *Learn about HORSES & their care, *bubbles!! *quiet time & lots more! ***also possible: digital PHOTOGRAPHY (working one/one with Karen & her camera), airbrushing & video making!! Ending Friday evening with story telling and sharing with parents around the campfire 5:00-6:30PM!!

Karen Murphy-Beers~ Play Master Extraordinaire, Camp Director, Photographer, Film Maker, Weaver, Story-teller & more!!
8:30-4:30 M-F~ June 25-29,& July 23-27 come one or both weeks- call Karen @ 360-446-1876 $175.00 per week/camper, discount for 2 or more in family call for info~
email: kmurphy_beers@yahoo.com

DAY CAMP~~8:30-4:30 every TUESDAY (& possibly other days) beginning June 12th play, arts & crafts, photography, archery, & lots more! $30.00/day $5 Cash discount

June 9, 2007


Kellie Petersen, Gordon’s Grange owner
Photo courtesy of Mark Vicente

A. Yelm’s own Gordon’s Garden Center is hosting
An Afternoon with Luke Simson
Sunday, June 10
2 – 4pm
Gorgon’s Grange
$10 at door
“Luke Stimson travels the world to share his passion for David Aistin Roses.”

B. While the City of Yelm would not grant a permit to establish a Farmer’s Market,
the City of Tenino did!

For the 2nd year in a row, the Tenino Farmer’s Market is open.
This Farmers Market is starting out small yet has the potential to
become a Summer Saturday fixture in the area.

No need to drive all the way to Olympia for a quality Farmer’s Market.
Let’s shop locally!

The Tenino Farmer’s Market opened June 2nd. Click here for the 2007 Calender of Events .

June 8, 2007



CSE’s 2007 graduates:
Juan Jose Ocampo, Sarah Morgan, Alexandria Miller, AJ Horton, Randi Kulych, Oak Hygaard
Photo courtesy of Mary Haskins Photography

Rainier-based Children’s School of Excellence (CSE) honored their 3rd graduating class on Thursday, June 7 at 5:30pm with a ceremony & refreshments for parents, families, donors and faculty.
JZ Knight, Channel for Ramtha the Enlightened One and the Founder/President of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment was the keynote speaker.

“The Childrens School of Excellence is a K-8 coeducational non-profit private school, where young people prosper in thought and imagination, develop genius and sovereignty in character, and explore all possibilities as individuals and as members of a school community.

At the Childrens School of Excellence we engage the greater potentials of the brain as early as possible so that students realize their greatest abilities and achieve academic excellence in an environment supportive of their growth.

The Childrens School of Excellence provides the building blocks for a well-rounded, healthy, productive, and joyful life. The Washington State approved curriculum is fostered by a love and passion for learning through the integration of knowledge and experience,” quoting their website.

June 7, 2007


Thurston County Commissioner Candidate Sandra Romero visited Yelm on Wednesday, June 6th.
Twenty-Two people were in-audience to hear here stands on land use issues, unbridled building
with little regard for the infrastructure (roads, water resources, etc.) to keep up for the future, and
other hot-button issues for the County.

Bettye Johnson said this of the evening:

“I remember years ago… hearing something to the
effect that when you live in Caesar’s land then you obey Caesar’s
laws. If you don’t like the laws – change them. Many of us have
attempted to change a few of the local laws and I know some
became disheartened and perhaps gave up or have chosen to
be inactive. I know, because I became one of the inactive ones.
However, there is a warrior within me and I can only be inactive
for a short time.
It was disheartening when Steve Klein ran for mayor of Yelm and
lost… Of course, the winning side claimed it
was a large margin. Steve ran an impeccable campaign and it
has now led him to still be vocal and he has a popular blog
that even the Yelm officials read.
We also have JeanMarie Christenson who ran for WA State Rep,
District 2 on the Democratic ticket. JeanMarie shocked the members
of the Democratic Party. She was a ‘dark horse’ and at one point she
was ahead. Unfortunately her opponent won by a small lead and she
accomplished what others thought was the impossible. She ran her
campaign impeccably and on a shoestring.
I am realizing that it is never too late unless one gives up. What I
am seeing is an awakening in the communities of Rainier, Tenino
and ever so slightly Yelm. Could this be from seeds planted over the
past 18 years? I would like to think so.
Last night (Wed., June 6) I attended the Meet and Greet meeting for Sandra Romero
sponsored by Steve Klein and JeanMarie Christenson. Sandra is running for
Thurston County Commissioner for the position Diane Oberquell is
relinquishing. Sandra was once [on the City Council] of Olympia and served in the
State Legislature for 12 years. She has a terrific track record.
Romero is an awesome lady. She is knowledgeable – powerful –
pro-environment – pro-people and so much, much more. I was enthralled to hear her
replies to questions. When she returns for another evening, I urge
you to attend and hear this great woman.”

June 6, 2007


Logo from Citizens for Fire Protection website

A local group has been formed called Citizens for Fire Protection – Rainier & Yelm
to educate the public simply about the deteriorating ability of proper fire response
and the need for the upcoming levy passage.
This is very simply stated:

This website has been created for Citizens for Fire Protection. We are a group of Yelm and Rainier residents that are very concerned about improving and maintaining public safety in our community. Our current fire protection and emergency medical services (EMS) are often unable to respond in a timely manner, especially when two or more calls occur within minutes of each other. This is happening more frequently as our area rapidly expands with new housing developments, commercial establishments, traffic and population.

On August 21, 2007, voters will be asked to support the fire department and it’s emergency services personnel by restoring the levy rate to it’s authorized amount.

Without your affirmative vote and with the ever increasing call volume and operating expenses our emergency services will suffer as their crews will not be able to handle the expanding call volume.


Response Time facts:

The chance of survival from cardiac arrest diminishes 7%-10% with every minute after collapse.

After 10 minutes a victim”s chance of survival drops to less than 5%.

Annual call volume and expenses:

There has been an increasing call volume every year and from 2005 through 2006 the increase was 10% (2727 to 3031).

State Law requires a minimum of four (4) firefighters on scene prior to engaging in any firefighting activity or high hazard event as defined by the National Fire Protection Association.

The cost of operating the fire department increases 6%-10% each year due to the costs of fuel, equipment, repairs, utilities etc. This does not include hiring more firefighters/EMTs.

State Law mandates a 1% budget increase limit without an affirmative vote of the citizens. (I-747)

Are you willing to wait 30 to 40 minutes for help if you or a loved one is having a heart attack or are in a serious motor vehicle accident?

Please Contribute or Volunteer
Click Here


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