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Thurston County Commissioner Candidate Sandra Romero visited Yelm on Wednesday, June 6th.
Twenty-Two people were in-audience to hear here stands on land use issues, unbridled building
with little regard for the infrastructure (roads, water resources, etc.) to keep up for the future, and
other hot-button issues for the County.

Bettye Johnson said this of the evening:

“I remember years ago… hearing something to the
effect that when you live in Caesar’s land then you obey Caesar’s
laws. If you don’t like the laws – change them. Many of us have
attempted to change a few of the local laws and I know some
became disheartened and perhaps gave up or have chosen to
be inactive. I know, because I became one of the inactive ones.
However, there is a warrior within me and I can only be inactive
for a short time.
It was disheartening when Steve Klein ran for mayor of Yelm and
lost… Of course, the winning side claimed it
was a large margin. Steve ran an impeccable campaign and it
has now led him to still be vocal and he has a popular blog
that even the Yelm officials read.
We also have JeanMarie Christenson who ran for WA State Rep,
District 2 on the Democratic ticket. JeanMarie shocked the members
of the Democratic Party. She was a ‘dark horse’ and at one point she
was ahead. Unfortunately her opponent won by a small lead and she
accomplished what others thought was the impossible. She ran her
campaign impeccably and on a shoestring.
I am realizing that it is never too late unless one gives up. What I
am seeing is an awakening in the communities of Rainier, Tenino
and ever so slightly Yelm. Could this be from seeds planted over the
past 18 years? I would like to think so.
Last night (Wed., June 6) I attended the Meet and Greet meeting for Sandra Romero
sponsored by Steve Klein and JeanMarie Christenson. Sandra is running for
Thurston County Commissioner for the position Diane Oberquell is
relinquishing. Sandra was once [on the City Council] of Olympia and served in the
State Legislature for 12 years. She has a terrific track record.
Romero is an awesome lady. She is knowledgeable – powerful –
pro-environment – pro-people and so much, much more. I was enthralled to hear her
replies to questions. When she returns for another evening, I urge
you to attend and hear this great woman.”

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