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Cell Phone Tower
Photo courtesy of Yelm-based photographer Guustaaf Damave

Former Clearwood Community Board member Valerie Cawley has given the Yelm Community Blog permission to print her letter exchange with the Clearwood Community Assn. Board last week on one facit of the cell tower issue.
Is the Clearwood Community Assn. Board hampering knowledge on the propsed cell tower from being disseminated to the members? You decide:

1. Letter from the Board to Mrs. Cawley:
July 17, 2007
The Association has received calls at the office from Clearwood members that you are knocking on doors
soliciting your agenda ([against a] cell phone tower) and they are upset.

Please refrain from doing this; you can only solicit for the Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, Boy Scouts etc, Please
read the Red Book Pages 9-10, item 7 in regards to soliciting.

Thank you.


Richard Hintze
Clearwood Community Association
Violation Committee of the Board of Directors

2. Letter from Mrs. Cawley to the Board:
July 18, 2007

Subject: Letter dated July 17, 2007

Dear Mr Hintze

It is my understanding that complaints are usually reviewed before Violation letters are mailed.

A review of the complaint that I have been “knocking on doors soliciting my agenda (cell phone tower)
may have saved the community a $0.41 stamp, and your time. It did not happen!

You refer me to a section of the Red Book concerning “Solicitation”! I am aware of the CC&Rs for Clearwood
Community Association, and I suggest that the Board’s interpretation, with regard to soliciting, is flawed.

I see nothing in the Rules and Regulations that prohibits free speech, the right to assemble peaceably to discuss common interests, or the right to petition. Members have every right to discuss any issue at any time or place.

Solicitation is clearly defined as “commercial” or “sales”. Neighbors discussing up-coming elections or handing out flyers does not fall under these categories. This is not a “Banana Republic”!

If I feel the need to knock on doors in the future, I consider it my right to do so. If members of our committee wish to knock on doors they also have that right. This is our First Amendment Right under the Constitution. I refer you to The Bill of Rights.

I think you will find that the problem is with the Board and how it choses to its interpret the Red Book.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to call me.


Valerie Cawley

3. Further quoitng Mrs. Cawley,
Here is the bylaw regarding “solicitation” as it appears in our CCRs;

Red Book (Rules and Regulations) Pages 9-10, Item 7

Quote, “No solicitors shall be permitted within Clearwood. The preceding sentence shall be interpreted as follows:

a) To prohibit commercial soliciting (by members or non-members) seeking to promote sale of commercial products or services.

b) To prohibit soliciting by non-members within Clearwood for donations or sales of items on behalf of any non-profit charitable, religious, community welfare or similar organizations.”

THAT IS BASICALLY IT, but they clarified above items (a & b) as follows:

c) to NOT prohibit soliciting of donations or the sale of items, by members, on behalf of non-profit charitable, religious, or limited to, Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, and recognized fund raising groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lions, Kiwanis, or local Fire Dept.

The “Solicitation” concerns as stated in the original CCRs was solicitation for money or services not sharing of information.

Valerie Cawley

From the Yelm Community Blog:
The Clearwood Community Board has sent out ballots regarding Resolution No. 2007-02-06 on cell towers being allowed in the Community.

Community property owners received their ballots enclosed with their Clearwood Summer Newsletter on Saturday, July 14th.

Ballots must be mailed by August 10th or dropped off at the Clearwood Office by August 15th.
P.S. If you are renting, contact the owner of your property!


While Cindy Teixeira’s Nisqually Valley News story and Clearwood Board President attempted to make my comments the issue and sidestep important points in this debate, both the pros and cons of a cell tower in the Bald Hills Community have staked their cases to the Clearwood Community members. My previous comments stand unchanged, recorded here previously for all to read and discern for themselves. Scroll down to May 19 & May 14, 2007

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  1. I am a Clearwood Community member as of 2004.
    I wanted to clarify that the vote is NOT simply to build a tower here in Clearwood.
    It was stated at the last members meeting that it will be a vote to DISCUSS and RESEARCH cell towers here in Clearwood.
    The CCA will NOT be building a tower after this vote…even if it passes. They will have another vote at a later date to actually build the towers. Right now they are simply getting the permission by the membership to discuss cell tower placements, liability, safety, etc. in Clearwood.

    I feel this really needs to be addressed properly rather than state the vote is for constructing a tower.

    Comment by Angela Cox on July 26, 2007 at 12:08 pm

  2. Well, now, if you folks living in the Yelm, Lacey, or Nisqually areas think it was hot in mid-June when temperatures rose to over 90 degrees, and that all those fireworks shooting through the sky on July 4 were so purtyyou aint seen nothing yet.
    Whats causing the temperature to rise and the fireworks to continue beyond July 4 in the gated community of Clearwood is not just an issue on the ballot for the August annual meeting of the Clearwood Community Association (permission for a feasibility study for the placement of a cell tower within the community). No, more at issue is the blatant misconduct of the president of the Association and some of his minions to silence the opposition to the proposal. This president has obviously forgotten his mandate as an impartial guide for the Association when he has taken to harassing and humiliating those members who are opposed to his views. This conduct is not only occurring at Board and other community meetingsthe intimidation goes farther. Recently, when a member of the opposition printed informative flyers regarding the possible health dangers of a cell tower, and distributed them among the residents of the community, the president decided that these actions constituted a violation of the solicitation provision of the Bylaws. (Never mind free speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.) BUT, at the same time, it was acceptable for the proponents to stand at the gates passing out their propaganda to anyone going in or out of Clearwood.
    Now I dont know science from spumoni. But, I do know that for an elected president of an Association to advertise his bias by trying to silence his critics through underhanded tactics, its just not right.
    HOT OFF THE PRESS: Before I had the chance to send this blog off for (hopefully) publication, I was informed about an article that appeared in the Friday, July 27 issue of the Nisqually Valley News. The article viciously attacked one of the Association members for what the writer of the article, N.J. Molinari stated was a continuing vendetta against the Associations president, Ron Smith. Well, lo and behold, a search revealed that N.J.Molinari is none other than Nancy J. Smith, the wife of Ron Smith. You now have to wonder who is the vendetta-or and who is the vendetta-ee. Is this getting nasty, or what?
    And, Im not going to even touch on the new voting procedure that has the presidents wife (yes, the same N.J. Molinari) in charge of not only the wording of the ballots, but also is responsible for the privacy and tallying of them. A conflict of interest? Nah. If you cant trust your president, who can you trust? Darlene Cox, Member of Clearwood Community Homeowners Assn.

    Comment by Darlene Cox on July 27, 2007 at 4:22 pm

  3. Rather than view the differecnes as a WE vs. THEY, I suggest looking at those wishing to illuminate the members with knowledge on this issue standing in stark contrast to those wishing such knowledge be suppressed.

    One can then clearly see those who suppress information for the greater knowledge of the members may have some ulterior motive.

    This is the case in any issue:
    give the public knowledge & you empower them to make an informed decision.
    Withhold knowledge and the public is shackled from making a choice based on having all of the facts.

    Comment by Steve Klein on July 27, 2007 at 4:55 pm

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