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Representative Tom Campbell
Photo from Representative Campbell’s official website

Reprinted with permission of the Dispatch

July 18, 2007

Interview with Rep. Tom Campbell
by Bruce Smith

“Due to scheduling conflicts, the Dispatch was unable to cover State Representative Tom Campbells Town Hall meetings last May. This week, the Dispatch finally caught up with the busy legislator, who is also a practicing chiropractor. Campbell represents the 2nd Legislative District, which includes all of Graham, Kapowsin and Eatonville, and stretches from Orting to Yelm.

Traffic and Roads

Traffic is the number one issue I hear about from voters, said Campbell, who confirmed that the Cross-Base Highway will be built. The money for the initial construction is already in place, and the last remaining environmental concerns will be resolved in the near future. He also advised the new Regional Transportation Investment District, RTID, to follow new state laws requiring 95% of tax money raised in Pierce County is spent there. Otherwise, voters will turn down RTID in November.


WASL is a Dodo bird that we keep throwing money at and hoping it will fly. What we need to do is push it off a cliff! Over a billion dollars spent on WASL and what have we got? Not much. Specifically, Campbell calls for the repeal of WASL and replacing it with the PSAT and SAT tests, which are taken nationwide by all college-bound students. Campbell also wants the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to be disbanded and authority returned to local superintendents and their school boards.

The Dump

The Dump (at 304th in Graham) is the epitome of Government not listening to the people. John Southerland and LRI got their building permits signed two hours before the Governor signed Marilyn Rasmussens and my bill forbidding the construction of landfills above aquifers.


The fact that the construction of the Skills Center has been delayed by the County is a black-eye for local government. The state has appropriated $30 million for the Skills Center; now its time to build it. Campbell also indicated that the Bethel Boys and Girls Clubs Community Center is moving forward, with $1 million appropriated by the state.


The Graham Community Plan will not protect Graham, said Campbell, who advises local leaders to form a vision committee and develop plans to incorporate Graham as a township or city.

Public Health

Campbells bill requiring all health facilities to publically disclose when patients contract hospital-acquired infections, was signed into law this year. Campbell also champions the creation of an independent panel to investigate and punish health professionals who mis-treat or abuse their patients,” quoting Bruce Smith, Graham reporter for the Eatonville-based Pierce County Dispatch.

The media and local city officials were noticeably absent at Rep. Campbell’s Yelm Town Hall Meeting on May 19th.
This writer had the distinct pleasure of sitting next to Rep. Campbell and his wife at the RFK, Jr. talk to the Ramtha School students in Yelm on June 27.

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