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Two friends, with many years of searching for knowledge and answers, traveled to a gathering of shamans on a mountain top in 1999, because of their message “the world is as you dream it.” The radio program began with our desire to share with you this possibility, whatever truths we had found, and would continue to find…and the magical quantum doors opened with a way to do it. The program started in 2000 as “Where the Eagle Meets the Condor” broadcasting over KNRY on Historic Cannery Row in California.

One year and a half later we found, through our own program… The most magical, Ramtha and his School of Enlightenment. That was when all the pieces of knowledge we had gathered from many sources came together, and where we finally found answers to the great questions and discovered just how true the shaman’s message is –along with the knowledge and disciplines that enable us to experience it. Here is Our Journey to Ramtha . One more year after that, we moved to Washington and within months resumed the program under its new name. We now had so much more to bring to you, including quantum physics, neurobiology, explained in such easy to grasp and delightful ways.

Our guests have been wonderful from the beginning. Our first guest was John Perkins, author of several books, his latest now on the #1 Best Seller list, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” The list of guests has spanned a wide spectrum – authors, scientists, global thinkers, shamans, mystics, physicists, inventors and innovators. The list has grown heavier with scientific and highly advanced thinkers, persons with such a great grasp of their subjects that they make it easy for everyone to understand. …

The World Is Listening! Over 90 countries show up in our stats. It is endearing to us that in some places there may be only three, or one person, that we see tuned in! Distance is no limit in our quantum world, and there are no boundaries for those desiring knowledge.

Thank you for being with us, Nancy & Elena”

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