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Fall Vegetable Starts now in stock at YELM EARTH WORM & CASTINGS FARM

We are now stocked with the following certified organic vegetable starts. $1.69 /4 pack while supplies last!

Also, if you want hanging long term garlic for storage, come in now because we are in the process of preparing it for market! $7.79/lb

Finally, we have plenty of U-pick certified organic vegetables: Several kales and chards, green beans, broccoli, beets, radishes.

Brussels Sprouts – Long Island: 24-30 inch vigorous, compact plant loads up 1 1/2 inch round, tight, dark green sprouts. Succulent and tender when steamed. Best for late fall and winter harvest as a few frosts will improve the flavor. A good variety for freezing.

Kale – White Russian: 10-14 inch. Selected for flattened and dissected leaves with white stem and veins. Exceptionally tender leaves can be enjoyed all summer and fall. Vigorous and cold hardy to 10 degrees F.

Broccoli – Waltham: 18-24 inch, 4-6 inch head. Old favorite, best for late summer or fall harvest. Tolerant of short dry spells and chilly autumns. Stocky plants have dark blue green heads and large side shoots.

Broccoli – Di Cicco: 18-24 inch, 3-6 inch head. Old Italian variety introduced in 1890. Marvelous for spring and fall gardens. Non-uniform maturity produces continuous tender side shoots encouraged by cutting the main head.

Collard Greens – Green Glaze: 24-30 inch. The shiny, nutritious leaves are delicious steamed. The waxy leaf surface provides natural protection from cabbage worms.

Bunching Onions – Lisbon White: 10-12 inch. Also called a scallion, this white, bulbless bunching onion is very hardy and has a long harvest period.

Cabbage – Early Jersey Wakefield: 2-4 lb. Head. A compact, cone-shaped cabbage that is particularly well suited for small gardens.

Yelm Earth Worm & Castings Farm

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Yelm, WA 98597


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