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Photo courtesy of Eatonville Dispatch’s Bruce Smith

Alder Lake is at historic lows for this date, Sept. 26, 45′ below its maximum elevation of 1,207 feet. This is the second-lowest level ever recorded. Officials at Tacoma Power say the reservoir has not been able to maintain normal levels due to profoundly reduced run-off from the snow pack on Mount Rainier and the surrounding Cascades,” quoting Bruce Smith in the Eatonville Dispatch.

Mr Smith reported to this writer:

“Officials for Tacoma Power, which operate the reservoir and dams, say that decreasing run-off from the snow pack off Mount Rainer and surrounding peaks of the Cascades are simply too small to keep the lake at normal levels.

Float docks are 13 feet above current water levels, and Tacoma Power had to close boat launch areas on August 24th due to insufficient water. The swimming areas at Stacel Point on Alder Lake have been dry since early summer, and now deer graze where bikinis used to roam.”

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