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Photo of Jacqui Davis from Dance N Create website

Welcome to Dance N Create

“I have been inspired to birth DANCE N CREATEsm and share a simple activity to assist humans to create their own better world.

In ancient times, tribes used dance and words to bring the rain and a good harvest. Their shaman danced and sang to know where to hunt the buffalo.

Dancing has always been a joyful activity and has the power to lift our consciousness above the mundane. In the moments that we are truly caught up in the dance we are transformed.

We, the race of humans were endowed with the ability to be creators. We create every moment of our lives, whether we realize we are doing it or not. As a conscious creator-being, aware of words, thoughts and actions, we become the grandest, most effective manifestors.

If you are reading this text, you already know there is more to life than your repetitive program. You have the desire to be more, do more, know more. You know the act of creating can be light-hearted and fulfilling.

Just as an athlete desires to excel at a sport, so do you, the human creator, desire the fulfillment of a manifestation or experience. The athlete choses the sport and begins the repetitious movements that bring the mind, body, and brain, into alignment to manifest excellence, rewards, and recognition. DANCE N CREATEsm, using fabulous music, movement, and word create a map in the brain, and with concentrated focus, prepares the body, like the athlete in training, to have the desired experience.

The process of DANCE N CREATEsm is like an actor who takes a role and forgets his/her past/future and becomes the character in the role. The actor holds the character’s state of being until the curtain falls. In the process of DANCE N CREATEsm the dancer stays in character until the desire is experienced, manifested. And so, at the end of each dance class the dancer’s mind must continue to rehearse the desire until it manifests into his/her life. In this way, we are active, conscious participants in the process,” quoting Jacqui Davis.


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