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This was a very spot-on Letter to the Editor in the NVN, what with QFC closing here today.

Think about supporting local stores

There are some of us in this area who will very much miss QFC.

We watched QFC struggle to survive when Safeway came to Yelm, and, by now, the unbelievable has happened – Wal-Mart has also come to this town.

QFC is the first to have to fold and go.

Many of us did not want the “super giant” in our community as, typically, one by one, some of the smaller stores lose too much business. Many of us do not shop at Wal-Mart for this and other reasons.

We know QFC has many loyal customers, but apparently that was not enough.

We want QFC to know that we appreciate the very excellent and personal service, including special orders and carrying the products we ask for. It is a comfort to know we can count on our quality foods, especially produce and meats, the organic and free-range chicken.

Thank you, QFC, for carrying Wilcox Farms dairy products.

Must we really say goodbye to such easy access to the natural and organic products QFC carries? Thanks, QFC, for being true in the organic department. You are the only larger grocery store whose “organic” labels I have come to trust.

And what other store has someone so capable in the produce section who will help you select the best of any item?

The list goes on – bulk herbs and spices, best wine and cheese selection in town, day-old bakery items, including Artisan breads. Did I mention Deborah, the happiest, most pleasant grocery checker in town? She has managed to stay that way through this transition, but her face also had some tears when we last spoke.

For those who read this, have you considered that if you want a store to stay in our town, a good way is to patronize it. Today I shopped at a nearby store. It sure looked empty in there. Perhaps it was just the time of day.

Let’s not have to write any more eulogies.

Iris Moore


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