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Maia, Adam & Bellaluna of Clean Freaks Carpet Care

Local award-winning entrepreneurs and marketers Adam and Maia Dealan-de host a FREE MARKETING SEMINAR, Wednesday, December 5th at the Prairie Hotel.

“We recently had the opportunity to participate in a live (via satellite) question and answer session with billionaire president of Virgin Airlines, Sir Richard Branson. With over 700 business owners in attendance Sir Richard didnt end up addressing the question we submitted, but he did share inspiring and thought provoking stories and insights about wealth, service and that moment of opportunity.

Sir Richard got our minds whirring with his story about the birth of Virgin Airlines. Before he had the audacity to take on behemoth British Airways he was simply a record executive who got stuck in Costa Rica when a small local airline dropped the ball, stranding Sir Richard and hundreds of others in a small island airport. Thinking outside the box in that brief moment of opportunity, Sir Richard did the math and realized that if he chartered a plane and filled the seats at $39 a pop he and his wife could fly off the island for free, and even make a small profit. He wrote the price on a piece of cardboard, walked around the airport holding it high and soon filled a charter plane.

After that success he called Boeing to find out what the cost would be to rent a used plane once they realized he wasnt a crank call (!) they worked out a one-year trial lease program and Virgin Airlines was born. Sir Richards billions, his charity Virgin United!, his visionary space tourism program Virgin Galactic and wildly fun and free lifestyle evolved from this seized opportunity and we thought

Wow! We Want That

Our session with Sir Richard was part of a long quest to get serious about studying marketing and money-making. Weve owned and operated three businesses in the Yelm area over the past nine years. Weve put in a lot of hours and followed a lot of the wisdom in our various industries, but still we wanted

More Wealth And Freedom!

We started picking the brains of the most successful people we could get in touch with and put into practice wealth strategies learned from live seminars and one-on-one discussions with multi-millionaire and bestselling author of Body-For-LIFE, Bill Phillips, marketing guru Joe Polish, 22 year-old millionaire-entrepreneur Cameron Johnson (who made his first million while still in High School!), and lifestyle wizard and bestselling author of The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss, among many many others. We have flown all over the country and invested tens of thousands of dollars to find out what really works.

In 2007 it all came together for us in our current business as

We Doubled Our Profits!

And had record sales every month of the year, all while taking an extra day off every week (and several vacations!). In November we were chosen one of 10 Finalists for a National Spokesperson position and a 2007 Chevy Corvette in our industrys Better Your Best Contest in front of over 700 business owners (profiled in The Olympian 11/28/07).

Before we found out how to run a profitable, fun business we often felt

Burnt Out Maxed Out And Ready To Snap!

We worked long hours and did great work, but never seemed to make the money or have the freedom that we wanted. Weve had employees, and weve done the work ourselves. Weve tried brick and mortar businesses, service businesses and multi-level marketing, but no matter what we tried we often felt stressed as we worked late into the night, sometimes seven days a week!

(Maybe you can relate.)

Several of our friends and local business owners have been in the same position and weve been unofficially coaching, brainstorming and sharing what weve learned with like-minded people wanting a change. Finally, we decided to go big and offer some of what weve learned and the strategies that have worked for us at a

FREE Marketing Seminar!

If you have any questions or to pre-register, please give us a call toll free 1-800-894-4840 or visit www.lifewealthtraining.com. Please come (and bring a friend!) on Wednesday, December 5th at 7:00 PM at the Prairie Hotel Conference Room. The cost is FREE, and we hope that investing an evening with us will help you move on the path to transforming your own dreams into reality!”

Maia and Adam Dealan-de,
Founders of LifeWealth Marketing And Business Training

“The Dealan-des this month were honored in a competition with 75 other carpet-cleaning companies nationwide that compared marketing plans and customer-relations strategies. The Dealan-des’ presentation was judged among the 10 best in a contest run by a Tempe, Ariz.-based marketing firm that counsels carpet-cleaning businesses. The consultant, Joe Polish, began his career as a carpet cleaner,” quoting The Olympian in this November 28th story.


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