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July December, 2007 by appointment only
Opening reception, cocktails and auction December 15th 2007, 4 9 pm

Duveen Group is pleased to announce an exhibition of never seen works of oil on glass, oil on canvas and charcoal all done by the Serbian artist Mr. Georgije Popov who is better known as Makara. This will be the artist’s s first United States exhibition and we are happy to host it here at Dancing Spirits Estates home of Duveen Group in Rainier, Washington

The exhibition consists of Makaras most recent bodies of work; on various mediums which were painted between 2002 2006 The exhibition will provide an overview of Makaras life and career and include his newly completed works of 2007.

Known for his unique cosmic style, Makara has gained an international reputation for his works among private collectors. His themes are sourced from history and culture and include references to his personal experiences and influences building narratives of epic proportion. Many of his works include the solar system as a prominent theme. Some paintings reference religious themes. Mixing universal concepts with historical and personal themes are also frequently found in his works.
Some of the paintings display female figures communicating with the universe in a unique way, which has been one of Makaras effective focal points since his beginning as an artist. His complex oil-on-glass layering technique, what he calls painting in reverse, is a new style of painting developed by him. One of the oil-on-canvas paintings, St. Nicolas, large as life, displays a figure well known and revered to Serbians and Orthodox Christians. His love for animals and angels is profoundly expressed in some of his paintings.
One particular aspect of Makaras style which I call the shadow play, takes the layering that appears in his paintings and drawings even further, almost to the point of them becoming three-dimensional animations.
Makara was born in 1944 and his journey as a painter began when he was a small child. His classrooms were European painting workshops with teachers from the schools of fine arts which provided him with rich learning experiences.
For the next ten years, he studied the artwork of the Italian Renaissance masters. Enlightened from this experience, he was inspired to travel throughout Europe, South Africa and Canada and see the works of other great master artists.
Today, Makara lives in Canada and Serbia and spends most of his time creating his masterpieces.
Duveen Group Gallery: Is located at Dancing Spirits Estates in Rainier, WA viewing by private appointment only. Information or images, please call Kevyn 360.446.4866 or duveengroup@yahoo.com

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