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Learn the Art and Science of Seed Saving from the
South Sound Seed Stewards new classes begin
Jan. 14, 2008.


            The Sound Sound Seed Stewards (aka S4) offer a year-long
curriculum of programs pertaining to general garden interest plus 9 classes on
the art and science of seed saving.

            Aimed at preserving our seed heritage and teaching people
how to grow and save their own seed, the groups Mission Statement is:
Encouraging Community Independence and Self-Reliance Through Producing and
Sharing Locally Adapted Heirloom Seeds. Founded in 1994, S4 became a
Washington non-profit organization in 1999.

            The primary purpose is to teach how to save vegetable
seeds, not how to grow the vegetable. For those who need information on the
basics of gardening, there are members who can help.

            It is not necessary to be an experienced gardener to be a
seed saver. Many have gardened for years but never saved a seed. S4s goal is
to impart the knowledge to grow, harvest and preserve a true-to-type seed, a
seed that year after year continues to produce the original vegetable.

            Programs for 2008 include selecting seed, fruit trees of
the Northwest, soils, winter gardening, food preservation, greenhouse growing
and films on gardening topics. The seed science classes include basic botany,
seed classification, record keeping, starting seed indoors and outdoors,
transplanting, seed structure, cover crops, crop rotation, seed harvesting,
processing and storage.

            The group meets the second Monday of every month at
Gordons Grange. Julys meeting is a summer potluck and Decembers meeting is a
Christmas potluck and raffle.

            Meetings start promptly at 7:00 p.m. with the program running until 8:00. After a 30 minute coffee/tea/snack breakand time for
mini-classes, the one hour seed class begins at

            Membership for new members:

Student Membership (for new
members who wish to obtain a S4 certificate of class completion, which bestows
voting membership the following year) — $55 for the year; includes a copy of
the groups text book Seed to Seed by
Suzanne Ashworth. Students must attend 7 of the 9 classes to achieve

            Supporting Membership (for new members not desiring a
training certificate) — $35 for the year with no attendance requirement.

            Class space is limited. An e-mail of intent to join in
January will hold a place. S4@rainierconnect.com

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