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January 24, 2008
Yelm, WA. JZ Knight, the founder of Ramthas School of Enlightenment (www.ramtha.com), today expressed great concern that the City of Yelm is continuing to issue approvals for new development despite the fact that the Citys water demand already exceeds its approved water rights. Specifically, Knight has voiced concern over five proposed development plans that would add almost 600 new homes in Yelm, WA. Knight has asserted that the City is approving new development based upon pure speculation that the City will achieve a six-fold increase in its water rights within 4 years. The Citys own Comprehensive Water Plan concedes that acquiring any new water rights is increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

Knight joins many other residents concerned about unrestrained development in Yelm without the proper planning of infrastructure to meet future demands. Knight is calling for more responsibility with regards to development and management of the Citys water resources, urging the City to plan for growth at a rate that can be accommodated by its existing and future water supply.

Knight appealed the proposed development decisions and asked the City Council to reverse a Hearing Examiners ruling to grant preliminary approval for Tahoma Terra Phase II, Divisions 5 & 6, Windshadow I, Windshadow II, Wyndstone and Berry Valley I. An appeal hearing was held on January 22, 2008. The City Council denied the appeals and approved the developments despite evidence from the Washington State Department of Ecology confirming that the Citys current water demand exceeds the Citys water rights. The Citys attorney advised the City Council that the Department of Ecologys water rights determination is just an opinion and does not limit the Citys plans for future development.

As a concerned Yelm citizen and environmentalist, I cannot in good conscience stand by while our Citys resources are used irresponsibly, stated Knight. I am not against growth in Yelm by any means. I am a huge advocate for this town and am in full support of growth based on sound planning. Our water supply is in danger and I am compelled to stand up for the future of Yelm, its livelihood and well-being. The Citys action in approving development when it is exceeding its water rights endangers the entire community, but especially property owners like me who have followed the law and obtained legal water rights that are protected by law. It would be devastating for me to not speak up when the City of Yelms rapid growth is outstripping its water supply.

About JZ Knight
JZ Knight was born in Roswell, New Mexico, in March 1946. She is the author of the bestselling autobiography, A State of Mind: My Story, the unique channel of Ramtha the Enlightened One, and one of the most charismatic leaders of the Schools of Ancient Wisdom and the Great Work in the world today.

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