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JZ Knight

In two stories filed this morning:

The Olympian is reporting:
“Ramtha leader to fight Yelm growth”
“JZ Knight, the leader of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, is asking the City Council tonight to reverse approvals that would add 568 new homes within city limits.

Knight, represented by Seattle attorney Keith Moxon, says an Oct. 9 ruling by hearing examiner Stephen Casseaux Jr. was in error because it fails to show that adequate water rights are available to serve the new homes.

“The city of Yelm is continuing to issue approvals for new development, despite the fact that its water demand already exceeds its approved water rights,” Moxon said.

He said the future water availability was not certain and must be authorized by the state Department of Ecology.”

KING-5 news is reporting:
“JZ Knight, self-proclaimed channeler of the ancient male warrior spirit Ramtha and the leader of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, is fighting five new housing developments saying there isnt enough water for hundreds of new homes.

Knight owns a 100-acre property in Yelm which houses her school, which has thousands of followers.

“JZ and I are not against growth by any means. We love Yelm, we love the people in Yelm. What needs to take place here is growth management,” said James Flick, JZK Inc. property manager.

At issue is the water. JZ Knight claims the city granted developers permission to build almost 600 homes without adequate water rights.

“We found that Yelm doesn’t have adequate water supply for this project. They’re overdrawn,” said Flick.

The city had no comment because the matter is under appeal…

Water isn’t the only issue. Traffic, which is already a big problem in the area, will get even worse.

A City Hall hearing on this matter is planned for Tuesday, January 22, at 7:30 p.m.”

The AP wire picked up this story and Seattle’s two newspapers have now carried this news:

The Seattle Times

The Seattle P-I

Information on Ms. Knight’s appeal is on the City of Yelm website.

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